The Wolves Of West Virginia Part 4: The Wolves Howl

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My head hurt a lot.

There was a giant knot right above my temple which got progres­sively more painful every time I prodded it. My Wal-mart shift was. Well… have you ever been to Wal-mart? That's what it was, only with a sore head and not enough sleep. I was really looking forward to getting home to my comfy bed and crashing for the evening. At least until I remem­bered Steven.

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The Clockwork GiantL

Book Review: The Clockwork Giant by Brooke Johnson

Okay so this is a slightly unusual situ­a­tion. I'm reviewing a book that won't be published until 2015, but it was published when I bought it. That's because the author self-published and then subse­quently sold the book and a sequel to a major publisher. That expla­na­tion out of the way let's talk about The Clock­work Giant by Brooke Johnson. It's a Young Adult novel with a steam­punk setting and a heavy emphasis on romance.

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Ten Classic Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix

While it's selec­tion of the latest movies is incon­sis­tent at best, if you're a fan of older science fiction and fantasy movies then Netflix can be quite a treat. What follows is a list of 10 movies that Netflix cate­go­rizes as classic scifi. Though their use of the word classic seems… liberal.

Even if you don't have Netflix these are movies that are worth watching should you get the chance. Though in some cases I wouldn't recom­mend actu­ally buying them.

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Doctor Who Series 8 (episode 9)

Doctor Who Review: S08E09 — Flatline

Oh this was such a good episode. Doctor Who is a juggling act and th best episodes manage to give you humor, fear, action and a big idea all in a single package. It's not easy, but when it works it's great. This worked. Writer Jamie Math­ieson came through with a script that was actu­ally even stronger than Mummy On The Orient Express, which is no small achievement.

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Positivity Is Not A Bad Thing — Project Hieroglyph's Push For Positive Science Fiction

In the last couple of decades the tone of science fiction has been over­whelm­ingly pessimistic. There's a cultural notion of late that it's more real­istic to portray every­thing as going wrong and being bad. Because that's what life is. Except it isn't. When looked at statis­ti­cally life is over-all better than it was 40 or 50 years ago.

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