X-Men / Game of Thrones Fan Art Mashup — Days of Future Past

X-Men_Vol_1_141Not only is the Days of Future Past X-Men story­line one of the iconic and defining stories of 80s comics, but Uncanny X-Men 141 also has one of the most iconic covers in comics. This one to be precise:

Even if you haven’t ever read the comics (or even any comics) it’s likely you’ve seen some variant on this cover by John Byrne.

Well… now it’s time for a new variant, this time a mashup with Game of Thrones. Which does make a very suit­able target given the death rate in the stories. I suppose tech­ni­cally this is a spoiler if you’re not caught up with the last season of Game of Thrones, but it’s actu­ally already out of date for this season and way… way out of date for the books.

tumblr_n30dv02Lqp1r0wi3no1_500The artwork is by Adam Withers who sticks pretty closely to the layout of the orig­inal while giving it a color palette and style that more closely suits Game of Thrones.

Appar­ently Adam chose these three char­ac­ters to appear in front of the poster because he felt they were likely the most likely to survive the story. I’m making no comment on that assumption.


Source: Comfort and Adam

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