Would 20% of Republicans Really Vote For Obama?

Not sure how much faith to put in these partic­ular numbers but if they're even close to right then this obses­sion with pushing ever further to the right is likely to leave the Repub­li­cans cruci­fied in an election.

Maybe it's time to start moving back to the center?

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The Right Freaks Out As GOP Poll Finds 20% Of Repub­li­cans May Vote For Obama
A major freak out is occur­ring on the right as a new poll released by a Repub­lican polling company has found that 20% of Repub­li­cans are more likely to vote for Obama.

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19 thoughts on “Would 20% of Republicans Really Vote For Obama?”

  1. There are some people regis­tered as repub­li­cans who are liberal or who are really Democ­rats but register as Repub­li­cans so they can vote in Repub­lican primaries.

  2. The criteria I look: Are the nations worst off any better? Has our stan­dard of living been raised or gone down?
    (collec­tively, I've person­ally done very well but I know that is defi­nitely not the case for many)

  3. Even that criteria is too simplistic for my tastes. I'm more inter­ested in the trend over the course of 4 years that a static compar­ison of two times 4 years apart.

    It doesn't make sense to me to blame all good or bad events purely on the current Pres­i­dent because that's just not how the system works.

    I'm also inter­ested in whose ideas I think have the best possi­bility to improve things in the future.

  4. No, 20% of repub­li­cans would not vote for him. I look at the source of this whole piece — a completely liberal site. This is prob­ably some small group saying they're conser­v­a­tives trying to make a point that's just not true or accurate.

    I defi­nitely agree with you about moving towards the center, but Obama is not centrist at all. Nor do I think that any of the repub­lican candi­dates fighting it out right now are centrists.

    Not sure who fits that bill at the moment.

  5. How is Obama not a centrist? He holds posi­tions to the right of Reagan. I realise the overton window effect and all but how can you look at his poli­cies and not see that? The right in the country have catered so hard to the evan­gel­ical and special interest groups that they arent even the same party they were 15 years ago. The demo­c­ratic party has follow in their foot­steps, picking up the crumbs of the repub­li­cans, in the process moving further right.

  6. I don't see how you can look at his poli­cies and say he IS centrist. He's the most liberal pres­i­dent since Jimmy Carter, maybe even more so. He wants govern­ment in every corner of our lives, mandating our lives.

    The last time the demo­c­ratic party was any good was back in JFK's day. Obvi­ously we won't agree on this.

  7. type type type, delete. type, delete.


    how many more months until the elec­tion? 9? I bet I could live without commu­ni­ca­tion with the outside world for that long. ;)

  8. I love the youtube video…similar videos are titled "Obama Admits He Is A Muslim" and "Michelle Malkin slaps down igno­rant leftist".

    I like how you whined about elec­tricity rates skyrock­eting and neatly left out the part about curbing pollution.

    Enjoy the clean air.

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