Wonderful Doctor Who / Muppets Fan Art Mashup

final_doctor_muppets__full_size__by_lissyleem-d7miyq1Eleven regen­er­a­tions of the Doctor all inter­preted as a different Muppet char­acter. And I’ve got to say that in almost every single case lissyleem has nailed it with a combi­na­tion that seems right for that partic­ular Doctor. The first two are even done in black and white.

I’m trying to pick a favorite and it’s not easy at all. Sam Eagle as the First Doctor and BeaBeakker as the 11th Doctor are really spot on, but the others are so good too.

I wonder who she might choose to portray the 12th Doctor?

Source: Deviant Art — Final Doctor Muppets

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