Wizarding World Of Harry Potter — New Interactive Window Effects In Action At Hogsmeade

So I previously wrote about the fact they seem to be prepping the new interactive magic wands and have set up plaques in various locations around the Wizarding World ready for the wands. But since Diagon Alley In Universal Studios remains closed despite the construction walls coming down, no one had seen anything in action.

But Hogsmead over in Islands of Adventure is open and they're going to have the interactive elements there too. TouringPlans have posted a short video of the interactive shop windows in action (not the wands themselves mind you) which will give you a good idea how this is going to work.

It looks really cool, but it also looks like it may create massive congestion all over the Wizarding World (like it's not already congested in that part of the parks). TouringPlans makes reference to the interactive wands themselves cost less than $50 which leaves a lot of room for the exact pricing.

Lots more cool photos and information to absorb over on TouringPlans.

Source: TouringPlans.com - PotterWatch: Diagon Alley Media Event Preparations and Hogsmeade Interactive Windows

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