Wizarding World Of Harry Potter – New Interactive Window Effects In Action At Hogsmeade

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter — New Interactive Window Effects In Action At Hogsmeade

So I previ­ously wrote about the fact they seem to be prep­ping the new inter­ac­tive magic wands and have set up plaques in various loca­tions around the Wizarding World ready for the wands. But since Diagon Alley In Universal Studios remains closed despite the construc­tion walls coming down, no one had seen anything in action.

But Hogsmead over in Islands of Adven­ture is open and they're going to have the inter­ac­tive elements there too. Tour­ing­Plans have posted a short video of the inter­ac­tive shop windows in action (not the wands them­selves mind you) which will give you a good idea how this is going to work.

It looks really cool, but it also looks like it may create massive conges­tion all over the Wizarding World (like it's not already congested in that part of the parks). Tour­ing­Plans makes refer­ence to the inter­ac­tive wands them­selves cost less than $50 which leaves a lot of room for the exact pricing.

Lots more cool photos and infor­ma­tion to absorb over on TouringPlans.

Source: Tour​ing​Plans​.com — Potter­Watch: Diagon Alley Media Event Prepa­ra­tions and Hogsmeade Inter­ac­tive Windows

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