Will DC’s Reboot Swamp The Market?

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So by this point it can't have escaped anybody who's ever read a comic that DC Comics is about to embark on the most significant reboot they've done since Crisis on Infinite Earths.  DC have quite a history with reboots and the results have been mixed, but I can certainly see why they want to try it again.

Let's face it the comic book market is about as bad as it's ever been. DC has struggled to compete with Marvel on market share and while comic book movies are hugely popular, no one is buying the source material.

Reboot Required

So a reboot is required. An opportunity to get the core characters back to something that the general public recognizes and relates to. That's clearly what they are going for with the Superman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

Secondary Titles

But DC aren't stopping there. In a bold move they're using this relaunch as an opportunity to scrap some poorly performing books and replace them with a whole raft of new books.

The idea, presumably, is to piggy back off the huge amounts of publicity they're getting from this relaunch to boost sales of secondary titles.

Watch Out For Flash Floods

It's an unusually brave move for the traditionally cautious DC. And for that it should be applauded. But I'm alarmed that the 52 books they've announced is more monthly titles than they were previously publishing. This isn't really a market for additional books.

To make matters worse some of the new titles that DC is publishing have a history of not being able to sustain an ongoing title. By releasing so many at one time, I think there's a real danger that the small comics audience will simply be overwhelmed and some of these will fall at the starting gate.

I am very impressed that DC continue to take some radical steps to shake things up. I just hope I'm wrong about the fallout from this one.

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