What Does Marijuana Do To Your Brain?

The world doesn’t really need another discus­sion on whether mari­juana should be legal­ized or not, but I think it is inter­esting to see exactly what effects the drug has on your brain.

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Mari­juana and your Brain [info­graphic] | Daily Info­graphic
Mari­juana. Legalize it or not? That’s the ques­tion many states are debating; whether to legalize the recre­ational or medical use of Mary Jane. The argu­ments that mari­juana is an addic­tive substance an…

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14 thoughts on “What Does Marijuana Do To Your Brain?”

  1. The science is inter­esting, but the author doesn’t really seem to have a handle on the reasons for/against legal­iza­tion. And maybe it was his inten­tion to ignore that partic­ular debate in the interest of just offering some information.

  2. I don’t believe this fully encom­passes the truth of the affects on the brain with mari­juana use (having seen varying affects that are not even mentioned here) . And it defi­nitely doesn’t address the affects that these changes in the brain have on every­thing else in life.

    Person­ally, at this point I don’t care. People are going to do it either way. I have my stance, and I will make my own choices :)

    Of course… my thinking comes from the radical Chris­tian view that we are allowed to make our own choices in life…

    (sorry +Eoghann Irving I had to add reli­gion just because you mentioned you are bored of it! lol I’m just having fun)

  3. Honestly, all of this is a bunch of hooey… I may get back­lash on this, but lets be honest with ourselves. The only nega­tive thing you can see in that chart is the memory issue (which I’m pretty sure I recently saw they debunked the long term effects on memory, but I’d need to find that study in order to say that with confi­dence). Either way, 1 nega­tive vs TONS of posi­tives (mari­juana can relieve over 200 symp­toms of serious illnesses, a few of these symp­toms being listed in the chart).

    Imagine putting up the same chart for almost ANY prescrip­tion drug. The bene­fits to your system would be far less than the nega­tives. Including that you could die. Now imagine that same chart for alcohol. Again… death being an option. Suddenly, our mari­juana chart would look promising.

    Of course a chart that says it will affect your memory looks bad, but that chart also doesn’t mention your alter­na­tives that could possibly kill you. Think about it. You form an illness that is extremely painful. What would you prefer? A drug that can relieve over 200 of your symp­toms with only 1 minor (and not yet solid) side effect OR a legal prescrip­tion that may provide only minor relief but cause far more prob­lems including possible death. hmmm.….

    There is NOTHING nega­tive about mari­juana use for many people suffering. The only problem there has ever been with mari­juana is possibly the people using it. Yes, there are potheads that sit around and do nothing but smoke pot. We all know the stereo­type. But let me assure you that this is the persons fault, not the pot. With or without the pot they would be lazy. Why do i say this? Because for every one of them, there are a couple more “potheads” who no one even knows exist. The kind that use it for medi­c­inal reasons, or even for recre­ation. But ONLY after they’ve handled their respon­si­bil­i­ties. They are produc­tive members of society and there’s nothing wrong with their use of pot.

    This chart needs to better depict these side effects. Given alone some might look bad. Given with your alter­na­tives, this looks amazing!

  4. I get that. But such things are fuel for the anti side and are misleading. It displays facts without putting them into perspec­tive. Which is fine. But again… Looking at the facts may make you look at this and say “oh no! memory loss. can’t fight the facts. pot is bad!”… but it would never occur to you that someone using mari­juana may have no other alter­na­tives but very harsh and risky prescrip­tions. Like i said it’s the differ­ence between “oh no” and “yay”

  5. I can’t imagine anyone anti-legalization using this chart. It makes it very clear (as does the accom­pa­nying text).

    What you are asking for is for them to bias the chart to favor of the side you are on.

  6. Side effects can be anywhere from prob­able to mildly possible. So, to discount the nega­tives as hooey is not always the best way to view it. It can be a gateway drug for the indi­vidual who has a highly addic­tive person­ality. All drugs have their posi­tives and nega­tives, and the indi­vidual should always weigh the bene­fits with the risks.

  7. there was not only 1 nega­tive affect. How you word things makes a differ­ence as well. My husband and I have had fun with wording to prove a point, that you can make anything sound good with the proper tone, or usage of words as well.

    I won’t get into the specific debate. Again, I don’t care. I know too many people that screw up a LOT while doing mari­juana. But again, that is their choice, and I cannot make it for them, even if it is destroying their family.

    Now, that is also for a recre­ational use view, not a medi­c­inal view.

  8. +Eoghann Irving that is absurd. I’m not asking them to “bias” the chart. I’m asking them to show the whole picture. Again, just stating the facts can often be misleading. Given the wording every­thing is reduced, altered, impaired. Even when speaking posi­tively, they always use a nega­tive word. Add that to the fact that BY ITSELF, these facts show that mari­juana DOES affect the brain. That alone is enough for some to see this as a warning. Whereas compar­isons would have shown a better picture. Addi­tional details matter. And yes, I take issue with a learning tool that can be used to manip­u­late. It’s just the kind of thing politi­cians LOVE. Misleading charts, facts, and figures… They are the holy grail because they ARE fact.

    If I told you that I killed 5 people it would look pretty bad right? If you then found out that I killed 5 people who were in the process of brutally beating my child, you might see it different. The details matter.

    PS — Don’t think for a second that the little added part at the bottom is helpful. 9% of people surveyed used mari­juana once and became depen­dent? That is a misleading and possibly false number. I’d have to look into it, but that number must be based on personal account. It’s my under­standing that the only possible depen­dence is of a mental nature and would take far more than 1 use to create a depen­dence. Add that to the fact that the typical mari­juana user doesn’t even expe­ri­ence effects the first time, and I ques­tion this 100%. The chart may be neutral, but to me it does more harm than good.

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