We Want It All And We Want It Now

This (admit­tedly slightly biased) info­graphic shows America’s short atten­tion span in the digital age.

We are not a patient people.

Tags: #Patien­ceIsAVirtue

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Instant America [info­graphic]
An info­graphic showing how impa­tient Amer­i­cans have become in a time all about instant gratification.

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27 thoughts on “We Want It All And We Want It Now”

  1. Hmm. tech­ni­cally I’m too old aren’t I? I was born in 1972. I don’t think I get to claim to be the gener­a­tion of some­thing that didn’t arrive until 25 years later

  2. Well then that puts me out of the running too, having arrived in 1969. So, if we are not the Google gener­a­tion, who is? My boy? He’s 14 and is still needing instruc­tion on how to find answers to ques­tions using Google.…

  3. Perhaps they are trying to refer to the Google gener­a­tion as in this decade or some­thing refer­ring more to people currently alive, than it is to specific people born in said year-year timeslot?

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