V:Pound of Flesh Thoughts

I've been lukewarm on the revamped V since it first aired last fall. Part of it was I'm sure rose tinted memories of the original V which so impressed me as a child. But even allowing for that, there was just something missing.

The first few episodes seemed to rush through vast amounts of V storyline without taking the time to really build up the characters and they failed to make it clear what the subtext was supposed to be. In the original the V were stand ins for the Nazi's. The symbolism was very clear. In this new version we had been told that the V were terrorists. But that's really not how it came across on the screen.

Since it came back from its hiatus, V has definitely be stronger and with Pound of Flesh I feel like it's finally all coming together. It was fascinating watching the various elements from the original series presented again in reworked form. And this week it felt like there was some real tension and significant plot progress. Sure there was also tedious teenage angst (and mother/father angst) but it was kept to a relatively small sub-plot. Most of the time was devoted to the interesting stuff.

Interestingly it now seems as though the terrorists may end up being the good guys, assuming the 5th column would be considered terrorists (which it seems they would). It was also nice to see that the televison reporter might play a more significant role than simply mouthpiece for the V. Another echo from the original mini-series?

The question is, has it pulled things together in time? Ratings have dropped since it's impressive debut in the Fall of 2009. They're not too low... yet. But they have to stop falling.

So what did you think? Good? Bad? Just don't care?

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