V S01E09 — Heretic’s Fork, Review

I feel like I'm saying the same things week after week when I talk about V. I want to like it, I watch it. But I just don't really care that much afterwards.

Part of the problem is that despite a large cast, the writers have done a poor job of developing them. Looking at the central characters of V, there are really only two I actually like. Specifically Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols and Joel Gretsch as Father Jack Landry, and I suspect it's more a case of me liking the actors than anything particular about their characters. The rest are either too bland to matter or just don't get enough screen time. And that's a major problem. Several very interesting secondary characters aren't getting nearly enough time to shine. After nine episodes it's just not acceptable to have so many underdeveloped characters.

The other problem that was strongly in evidence in Heretic's Fork was that there's far too much talk and not enough action. When the show focused on action it was very entertaining. It was cool to see the soldier V with his weird "V Vision". Admittedly he was a bit Terminator like, but it was fast paced and exciting. But the rest of it was a tedious soap opera complete with lots of significant looks and people holding completely unnatural and stilted conversations.

Let's not even touch on the incompetence of this "resistance". Why are they having conversations on open phone lines?

I'm going to stick it out until the end of the season in the hopes of a major payoff to all this. But I have a feeling if it does survive cancellation, I won't be back next year.

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