V: John May Thoughts

V wasn't quite as strong this week as last, but I'm still enjoying the general direction since it came back from hiatus. The show started strong and I particularly liked the scene switching between Anna's interview and Georgie's torture.

Unfortunately a significant chunk of the episode was given over to Tyler, his father and Lisa. Tyler's father has yet to be given a character at all so it's impossible to care about him. Tyler is the classic Hollywood teenage whiner and just plain annoying. Which leaves us with Lisa who also appears to be following a stereotypical vixen role. Incidentally, who thinks there's a connection between Tyler's birth and the V?

Fortunately the other aspects of the show were stronger. It was really nice to get the background story on John May, who has been getting name dropped since episode one. And that story gave Ryan's character a bit more depth, which is good.

Speaking of Ryan it seems like the Valerie pregnancy plot has taken a major step forward now that she has seen what's inside his safe. The question is, what will she do about it?

There weren't a lot of action sequences this episode but what was there was effective. I particularly liked Jame's girlfriend showing her lizard claws as she fought. We all know the V are lizards, but the show is determined to tease us as long as possible before showing them properly.

It didn't seem to take long for Joshua to find Georgie on the V ship and I've come to the conclusion that the security on the ships is ever bit as bad in the new series as they were in the original. Are we supposed to believe that V are so naturally obedient they just don't bother guarding rooms?

I was sorry to see Georgie go, though I suspect reducing the number of characters is probably a good thing for the show since it struggles to give enough time to all the players it already has. I wonder if his death was always part of the plan or if it was part of the reworking that went on during the hiatus.

So not a blow away good episode this week, but certainly enough to keep me interested and wondering exactly where they're going. Anna will have her army soon, once she does, will the V still need to play nice?

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