Dominion- Season 1

TV Review: Dominion Season 1 Episode 1

Dominion- Season 1So starting last summer with Defi­ance, SyFy has been looking to estab­lish some new sci-fi series. Dominion is the latest to make it onto the screen. It is appar­ently a sequel of sorts to the movie Legion, which I haven’t seen.

I don’t know if watching Legion would have made some of the early sequences make more sense, but I did feel pretty confused for about the first 30 minutes of the 90 minute première before things grad­u­ally fell into place.

Dominion is not what you would call orig­inal. There’s a lot of familiar mate­rial being recy­cled here. We have an apoc­a­lypse (though I guess it being the angels rather than demons doing it is a twist), we have a city with a caste system, there’s a scheming politi­cian, oh and we have a “chosen one”.

So when you look at the pieces indi­vid­u­ally there’s really not a huge amount to recom­mend this show over anything else. The info-dump opening rapidly lost my atten­tion (which might be why I was so confused early on) and several of the main char­ac­ters are… well let’s call them bland.

However, there aren’t many shows that come out the gate with really strong char­ac­ters. That takes time to build. And there are more posi­tive signs here too. Anthony Head is of course bril­liant as the previ­ously mentioned scheming politi­cian, even if listening to him with an Amer­ican accent is really weird. Like­wise Alan Dale (who will always be Jim Robinson from neigh­bors to me) plays the good general with aplomb.

And while Tom Wisdom’s Archangel Michael seems strangely unemo­tive at first as I continued to watch that seemed more like a delib­erate acting choice. Because Michael is not human and he’s supposed to feel a little off. Those three are enough to anchor the show while the other char­ac­ters (I hope) find their footing.

A lot of plates were set spin­ning in this first double length episode too. Plates that create the possi­bility for plenty of scheming, intrigue and back­stab­bing. As well as just some outright violence.

I’m not expecting great­ness from Dominion and it’s possible the whole thing will just collapse in on itself as the season progresses, but I think it has poten­tial to become a fun weekly show.

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