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I don't hate the idea of a Doctor Who movie. I hate the idea of a Doctor Who movie in parallel with the current series.It's had a lot of budget and scheduling struggles of late and I'd be very disappointed to see the attention spread even thinner on the property.Now if they plan to take a year off as they did with Tennant. That would be the time for a Doctor Who movie.

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A New Doctor Who Movie, From the Director of the Harry Potter Films? [Doctor Who]
There's been talk about a Doctor Who movie for years, including the idea that former star David Tennant could come back to play the time-traveling eccentric on the big screen. But now, Variety reports that there's a Who movie in development for real — and it won't be connected in any way to the current series.
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David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter movies, is working on creating a big-screen Doctor Who movie, and he says he wants to strip the concept down to i...

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