Things I want To Be Able to Do In Google+

I've been using Google+ for a couple of and I like it a lot,  but there are a number of things it doesn't do (or doesn't make it easy to do) that I really want. I posted a some stuff on Google+ earlier and got a little feed­back which I'm now using to write this post. That in itself shows the poten­tial of Google+ I think.


One of the most frus­trating things about social networking is how many sites there are. I've been trying to stream­line my process to post from one loca­tion to many and reply to people on what­ever network they chose to use. Ideally I'd be posting here on my blog, but I haven' t managed to achieve that yet. So there's a bunch of sharing func­tions I want from Google+:
  1. Share a post/photo with my Blog/Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Flickr followers — Some of this can be achieved by Chrome plugins, but I'd like it native.
  2. Inte­grate my Google Reader shares directly as posts on Google+
  3. Post directly from my blog into Google+


Enhance the Conversation

Like Buzz before it, Google+ has the poten­tial for much better conver­sa­tion than Twitter or even Face­book. However the current struc­ture can make it diffi­cult to find the conver­sa­tions that I'm inter­ested in. And as Google+ gets busier I'm concerned that the noise may over­whelm the signal.
  1. Let me share a post on my stream and the comments to avoid frag­menting the conversation
  2. Give me a way to segre­gate my posts by topic (hash tags?) so people can find the stuff that inter­ests them and not be both­ered by the stuff that doesn't.
  3. Provide a method to search for people with similar interests.
  4. Use my +1s (web and Google+) to help surface the conver­sa­tions I'm inter­ested in.


Orga­nize My Friends & Followers

If I'm going to use Google+ as my main social network I need easy ways to find people, orga­nize them and view their content. Circles is a great start, but it's only a start.

  1. Help my find my Facebook/Twitter/Flickr contacts.
  2. Let me see a record of posts I've Plus 1'd  in Google+
  3. Give me a way to re-organize my list of circles


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