The profiles I have seen on G+ so far are operating in a very carefully grey area…

The profiles I have seen on G+ so far are operating in a very carefully grey area of the law. They do not violate the letter of it. The spirit is a whole other matter.

If your argument against removing pictures of children who are clearly below the age of consent and are being posed or presented in a blatantly sexual light, (in many cases with supporting text) is that it's not technically illegal. You are missing the point.

What we are talking about is a deliberate attempt to present young children (primarily female so far) in a sexualized fashion with the blatant intent to arouse and excite others.

G+ is a privately run entity with clearly established social guidelines. These photos violate those guidelines. They also violate the social and ethical standards of just about every country in the world.

I am amazed that anyone is arguing about the appropriateness of reporting them.

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