The Growing Influence of Prescription Drugs

I’m always torn on how best to present this sort of infor­ma­tion. On the one hand I believe that prescrip­tion drugs are handed out far too casu­ally in the US and that tele­vi­sion adver­tising of them is an over­whelm­ingly bad thing.

On the other I don’t want to promote a para­noid approach where people refuse to take drugs that would dramat­i­cally benefit their lives. It’s hard to make the middle ground an enticing proposition.

But the truth is not that prescrip­tion drugs are bad for you. It’s that casual or unin­formed use of prescrip­tion drugs is bad for you.

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Your Brain on Prescrip­tion Drugs [info­graphic] | Daily Info­graphic
Prescrip­tion drugs are one of contem­po­rary America’s most perva­sive evils.

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