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The Wolves Of West Virginia Part 2: The Missing Girl

My phonecall to the Shep­herd­stown police was singu­larly lacking in useful infor­ma­tion. They were polite but partic­u­larly unin­for­ma­tive about the missing Naomi. Ongoing inves­ti­ga­tion; pursuing a few leads; no comment.  Someone had just done a refresher course on how to deal with the press. Oh yes, I may have given them the impres­sion that I was a reporter of some sort.

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Loudon Heights Overlook Panorama

Loudon Heights Overlook

<span style="color: #404040;">Here's a different look at Harpers Ferry. This time round I hiked up Loudon Heights rather than Mary­land Heights.While the walk up Mary­land Heights is pretty much straight up (well round and round up I suppose) Loudon Heights is a bit more spread out. First you go up, then you walk along the spine of the mountain … Read More…
Surveying The Battlefield

Amber Waves of Grain

<span style="color: #000000;">Okay well tech­ni­cally it's just regular grass but work with me here. It's also actu­ally a Civil War site, but again, let's not be picky.This panorama is at Harper's Ferry National Histor­ical Park, but it's no at the bit everyone goes to. This is the Murphy-Chambers Farm.While not nearly as visited as the primary site, it … Read More…
Potomac Panorama

Potomac Panorama

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-119322" src="http://www.eoghann.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Potomac-Panorama.jpg" alt="Potomac Panorama" width="2155" height="1223" data-wp-pid="119322" />On the Mary­land side of the Potomac you can walk from Harpers Ferry all the way up to Shep­herd­stown or further cour­tesy of the C&O Canal. On the West Virginia side things are a little more limited. But you can walk along the river a way. Which … Read More…
Foggy Shenandoah

Foggy Shenandoah

<span style="color: #404040;">The Appalachian trail runs through Harpers Ferry and crosses the Shenan­doah  River via a pedes­trian section of the road bridge.It's not a partic­u­larly pleasant walk what with the cars and trucks speeding by. But they have put up a barrier in between so you don't feel like you're about to be crushed the whole time.All of which … Read More…
The Potomac From Harpers Ferry

Sunrise On The Potomac

<a href="http://eoghann.com/2014/06/sunrise-potomac/the-potomac-from-harpers-ferry" rel="attachment wp-att-119066">This is another spot that I photo­graph on a regular basis. This is where the Shenan­doah (on the right) and The Potomac (on the left) meet and the Potomac then heads through the Blue Ridge Moun­tains and on towards DC. It's also essen­tially where three states meet with Mary­land on the left across and … Read More…