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Zombiemart — Part 1) Night Shift (1st Draft)

This is post #1 of 5 in the series “ZombieMart” Zombiemart is weekly serial sequel to The Wolves of West Virginia, which is avail­able on Kindle. Enjoy Part 1) Night Shift. One of the sucky things about working at a super­store is the night shift. Even if the store itself isn’t open 24 hours a day, there’s still a night shift … Continue reading Zombiemart — Part 1) Night Shift (1st Draft)

The Wolves Of West Virginia Part 1: A Wizard In West Virginia

This is post #1 of 7 in the series “The Wolves Of West Virginia” The post below is part an early draft of one of the parts of my ebook The Wolves of West Virginia, which is now avail­able on Kindle. You are free to read and enjoy it as is, but may prefer the more polished … Continue reading The Wolves Of West Virginia Part 1: A Wizard In West Virginia

Foggy Shenandoah

The Appalachian trail runs through Harpers Ferry and crosses the Shenan­doah  River via a pedes­trian section of the road bridge.It’s not a partic­u­larly pleasant walk what with the cars and trucks speeding by. But they have put up a barrier in between so you don’t feel like you’re about to be crushed the whole time.All of which is a very … Continue reading Foggy Shenan­doah

Looking Down On The Potomac

Well I did say that I keep coming back to this spot. Yes, it’s time for another panorama from the Harper’s Ferry Over­look on Mary­land Heights. This time I’m looking up the Potomac with Harper’s Ferry off to the left. I’m almost convinced that it’s actu­ally impos­sible to take a bad photo from this spot. Eoghann Irving Overly opin­ion­ated owner and … Continue reading Looking Down On The Potomac

Round The Back

It’s been a while since I took a shot at a black and white image. Well tech­ni­cally this has a slight sepia tint to it, but what­ever. For a good black and white image I think you need strong contrasts other­wise the image tends to get a bit murky and nothing stands out. I think I have that here and with the help of a little … Continue reading Round The Back

Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal

The Chesa­peake and Ohio Canal, usually referred to as the C&O Canal  runs parallel to the Potomac River from Cumber­land, Mary­land to Wash­ington D.C. A length of around 184 miles. It oper­ated for almost 100 years (from 1831 to 1924). It is now main­tained as a National Histor­ical park and makes an excel­lent walking/running/cycling route. This photo was taken … Continue reading Chesa­peake and Ohio (C&O) Canal