The Old Vault At Mount Vernon

  As the sign explains (though the text is probably just a little too small in this photo) this is the old Washington family vault at Mount Vernon. George and Martha Washington along with assorted other family members were interred here until the new tomb (which George Washington had instructed be built) was completed in 1831. It's certainly not a very imposing monument. But then I suspect Washington wasn't really anticipating the million or so people who visit Mount Vernon each year. In the absence of any really strong feature I tried to bring out the textures in the wooden door and the brickwork.

How Much Wood Would A Wood Chuck Chuck?

I went with my son on his recent school outing to Mount Vernon. An interesting place to visit certainly. As part of the trip we also stopped by the George Washington Grist Mill and Distillery. This particular photo is in front of the Distillery portion of the site where a group of people dressed for the part are busy chopping wood. Now keep in mind it was about 90 degrees that day with humidity at 5 billion percent (definitely not a dry heat). It can't have been fun for them. Given the subject matter it just seemed to make sense to go black and white with this one.

Sunrise On The Potomac

This is another spot that I photograph on a regular basis. This is where the Shenandoah (on the right) and The Potomac (on the left) meet and the Potomac then heads through the Blue Ridge Mountains and on towards DC. It's also essentially where three states meet with Maryland on the left across and Virginia on the right, while I am standing in West Virginia. Plus... it's pretty. This panorama is stitched together from about a half dozen images taken in portrait orientation. The same shot could basically have been achieved using about three landscape photos but I've switched to using portrait for the simple reason that it gives you a much higher …Read more  »

BrickFair 2013 —  LEGO Castle — Sky Kingdom

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="109928,109930,109931,109932"] This is one epic, towering LEGO Castle and it features great re-use of all sorts of fantasy and sci-fi mini-figs and elements. Ready to feel inadequate? The builder is 13... And did I mention the dragon? Sky Kingdom by Rachel Vanroekel (13) Leesburg, Virginia The peaceful kingdom of Sky rests at the top of the Great Mountain. Ruled by Queen Gwenevere, this kingdom watches over the beautiful land of Alavar.