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Doctor Who Review: S08E08 — Mummy On The Orient Express

For the last few years Doctor Who has been fixated on high concept episodes. Big, bold ideas of the sort you could imagine people mashing together and throwing out on twitter. There's not a lot of room for subtlety in these ideas though. In fact subtlety is some­thing we aren't seeing very much of in Doctor Who currently. Even the latest title sequence is an exer­cise in hitting the viewers over the head.

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Phone Who

Phone Who? — Doctor Who / E.T. Mashup Fan Art

  Artist James Hance has painted this rather epic mashup of Doctor Who and E.T. of all things which he calls "Healer" but I have egotis­ti­cally re-titled Phone Who because cheap puns make good head­lines. I love the vibrant colors and somehow Tom Baker's 4th Doctor scarf looks entirely appro­priate wrapped around ET's neck.

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Doctor Who Re-Review: Season 7 Episode 2 — Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

  After my first watching of Dinosaurs on a Space­ship my review could be summed up as fun but shallow and crazily fast paced. I don't think my opinion has actu­ally changed very much with a second viewing. But perhaps I can go into a bit more detail. Dinosaurs On A Space­ship is prob­ably the […]

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