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LEGO Smaug

LEGO The Hobbit – Smaug the Golden

14322819779 fe4d664ffb k 794x1024 LEGO The Hobbit   Smaug the GoldenThis LEGO build of Smaug from The Hobbit (not modeled on the movie specifically) is suitably imposing to look at. Its creator Shawn Snyder says that the model is 28″ from head to tail with a 35″ wingspan. It is intended to be used as part of a larger LEGO diorama of Smaug’s attack on Lake Town (Oops! Spoilers for a 77 year old story!).

For all that I think its an impressive model in its own right.

Source: Flickr – Smaug


Alternate Smaug Designs From WETA

So, as is common in the movie industry, WETA considered a variety of different designs for Smaug before settling on what we got to see in The Hobbit movies. And designer Andrew Baker has posted a big batch of those designs on his blog under the heading Smaug Fails.

Looking at what he has posted, I think it’s safe to say that he’s being self-deprecating on this one. Not all of the designs would have fit the style of the movie certainly. And some wouldn’t have captured the right feel for Smaug. But they are all visually arresting in their own right.

Make sure to click through and check out the entire collection.

Source: AndBakerDesigns.com – Smaug Fails


LEGO The Hobbit – Burglar

14001027112 DISPLAY 450x600 LEGO The Hobbit   BurglarThis is a very clever interpretation of two scenes from The Hobbit with a thematic link to them. Plus the builder has used custom LEGO minifigures rather than the official ones.

At the bottom we have Thorin and Gandalf meeting at the Prancing Pony and stating their need for a burglar. Then up top we have Bilbo in the Lonely Mountain hunting for the Arkenstone.

Source: MOC Pages – Which is why we’re going to need a burglar


Hobbit Cosplay – Thranduil

tumblr n2r20s7tpP1qdlvzfo1 500 400x600 Hobbit Cosplay   ThranduilThe way Peter Jackson chose to portray J.R.R. Tolkien’s elves doesn’t exactly match what I had in my head.

But to be fair I’m not sure I could even verbally explain how I see them in my head, so that is asking an awful lot.

More importantly cosplayer Abyssinian has really captured the look of captured the look of Thranduil from the Hobbit movies.

Link: CosplayBlog


Adaptations, Reinterpretations, Reboots And Modifications

new hope 27 Adaptations, Reinterpretations, Reboots And Modifications
I was watching one of the introductory lectures for the Comics & Graphics novels course that I’m taking ( https://class.coursera.org/comics-001/class ) and there was a very interesting discusison on the topic of what is the definitive edition of a comic book.

The lecturer made an interesting comparison with Shakespeare’s Hamlet which also appeared in several editions. Which of course made me think of Tolkien’s re-writing of sections of The Hobbit to fit better with The Lord of the Rings.

This lead me to thinking about George Lucas’ continual changing of small elements in his Star Wars movies. To fans great irritation. I’m not going to defend most of the changes as good changes, but I do think people should recognize it as a legitimate part of the storytelling process to modify and refine the existing work to meet a particular artistic vision.

And that lead me to thinking about Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movie trilogy which is in some ways an alternate vision and presentation of Tolkien’s original story.

It’s a weirdly modern notion that the story is the story and it should never change. It’s really only been about for the last century at most. For most of history stories are in constant fluctuation depending on who is telling or re-telling them.

Worrying about if this is the correct or true version, misses the point just like worrying about continuity usually misses the point. Because the point is the vision and the story, not the facts.

Perhaps if people were to approach adaptations with that mindset instead of worrying if it is faithful to the original… they might enjoy them a lot more.

Sits back and waits for all of the important points to be missed and people to start whining about Lucas raping their childhood…