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10 Pieces Of Gorgeous Middle-Earth Artwork

The writ­ings of J.R.R. Tolkien have inspired a lot of people over the years in many different ways. Perhaps the biggest impact would simply be the amount of fantasy writing that has been produced as a result of The Lord Of The Rings. But there's also been a lot of artwork produced inspired by his creation of Middle-Earth.

Here I'm picking out ten really gorgeous, but very different pieces of Middle-Earth inspired art for you to enjoy. All of this art is avail­able to look at on Deviantart and I would strongly encourage you to go and browse the rest of the artists work. It will be rewarding.

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The History of Science Fiction Part 10: 1950 — 1959 (Books)

The 1950s were a peak in Amer­ican culture in some ways. It was also a time when tele­vi­sion was estab­lished, radio still had a pres­ence and movies and maga­zines were still big busi­ness. There’s a fair amount of dispute over when the Golden Age of Science Fiction actu­ally ended, but certainly we were still in it at the begin­ning of the decade. Not only were many of the estab­lished writers still publishing furi­ously, but many new names were coming up and the variety of science fiction being published was about to explode. And it wasn’t just in books and maga­zines that science fiction was taking off.

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LEGO The Hobbit — Kili

Builder Pâté-keetongu has made large scale artic­u­lated LEGO models of several of the dwarves from The Hobbit (movie versions). But… there are a lot of dwarves… so I guess this is a long term project. His latest build is Kili nephew to Thorin and one of the hand­some ones (again in the movie). Check out […]

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