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The Time Monster Part 2

What's Your Doctor Who Birthday Episode?

Doctor Who spans a lot of years (with gaps) which means it's ideal for this type of thing where you type in your date of birth and it finds the episode that aired closest to your birthday. This serves no purpose what so ever except to amuse. In my case, unfor­tu­nately, it was The Time Monster Part … Read More…

Doctor Who Silicone Ice/Chocolate Mold Gives You Your Own Dalek Army To Eat!

This Doctor Who themed Silicon Ice Tray and Choco­late mold lets you create your own army of Daleks or popu­late your table with a thou­sand (if you're very, very, very, very, very patient) TARDISes. Plus if you use it as an ice mold the TARDIS has a real­istic dema­te­ri­alza­tion effect! Okay, I may have made that bit up … Read More…

Doctor Who Re-Review: S07E07 — The Bells of Saint John

 When reviewing The Bells of Saint John for the first time my take­away was that this was a solid but unex­cep­tional episode that used a lot of familiar elements. After a re-watch I think that's still broadly true. It's certainly not the strongest episode of the season and the Spoon­heads with their revolving head gimmick are clearly very similar to The Winders in The Beast Below, only not quite as effec­tive. There's not a lot of depth to the story either. It's very much a rein­tro­duc­tion to The Doctor and what he does.

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The TARDIS Key Over The Years

The TARDIS key usually looks like a fairly normal Yale key. Except when it doesn't. This photo­graph shows all the vari­a­tions of the TARDIS key from the First Doctor through to the Eleventh. Source: DeviantArt — Evolu­tion of the TARDIS Key

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