Doctor Who Review: S09E01 — The Magician’s Apprentice

Don't spend too long thinking about the title, its significance is likely not that great and besides you'll need to concentrate to catch everything that's going on in this episode. Despite being the return of two-parters (something I am terribly happy about)  there is no noticeable slowing of Doctor Who's break-neck pace here. If anything Moffat goes overboard in scattering ideas that could probably have sustained an entire episode in their own right only to sweep them aside and move on. But that's a minor criticism for what is not only a very enjoyable but also dense (in plot and character) episode of Doctor Who. And there's so much to like that …Read more  »

Doctor Who Review: The Moonbase

The second outing for perennial Doctor Who villains the Cybermen and Patrick Troughton's first meeting with them is a less than thrilling affair. Even allowing for the much slower pace of a all the 60s Doctor Who there's still something particularly stagey about this adventure. Moonbase uses the base-in-peril format that was the template for this period of Doctor Who, but unfortunately the slow pace really undermines the tension that they are trying to build. An awful lot of time is spent talking to each other and explaining things that are mostly fairly obvious anyway. Slow, Very Slow [amazon template=image&asin=B00C6ACWLC]At this point in Doctor Who's history they are still paying …Read more  »

Doctor Who Review: S08E12 — Death In Heaven

As I mentioned in my review of Dark Water, Steven Moffat doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to concluding two parters. Indeed if there's one criticism you can always levy at him it's that he tries to cram too many ideas into his stories. I loved Dark Water which kept the action going from beginning to end and set up multiple cliffhangers for the season finale. But would Death In Heaven be able to deliver? Yes and no. There are some really strong elements to Death In Heaven with the interaction between Missy and The Doctor being right there at the top of the list. But there's …Read more  »

What’s Your Doctor Who Birthday Episode?

Doctor Who spans a lot of years (with gaps) which means it's ideal for this type of thing where you type in your date of birth and it finds the episode that aired closest to your birthday. This serves no purpose what so ever except to amuse. In my case, unfortunately, it was The Time Monster Part 2. I've actually not watched that particular Doctor Who story yet, but partly that's because no one has anything good to say about it. So what is your Doctor Who birthday episode? Source:

Doctor Who Silicone Ice/Chocolate Mold Gives You Your Own Dalek Army To Eat!

This Doctor Who themed Silicon Ice Tray and Chocolate mold lets you create your own army of Daleks or populate your table with a thousand (if you're very, very, very, very, very patient) TARDISes. Plus if you use it as an ice mold the TARDIS has a realistic dematerialzation effect! Okay, I may have made that bit up and since this only makes 6 ice cubes I guess its usefulness is somewhat limited. But you know you want and army of ice daleks! Plus... chocolate! Source: - Doctor Who Silicon Ice Tray and Chocolate Mold

Doctor Who Re-Review: S07E07 — The Bells of Saint John

 When reviewing The Bells of Saint John for the first time my takeaway was that this was a solid but unexceptional episode that used a lot of familiar elements. After a re-watch I think that's still broadly true. It's certainly not the strongest episode of the season and the Spoonheads with their revolving head gimmick are clearly very similar to The Winders in The Beast Below, only not quite as effective. There's not a lot of depth to the story either. It's very much a reintroduction to The Doctor and what he does. Which obviously isn't going to be incredibly appealing to long time fans. But I think we sometimes forget …Read more  »

Doctor Who Fan Art — Awesome Glow In The Dark TARDIS Art

I'm a sucker for things like glow in the dark artwork. What can I say... I was a comics fan during the 90s! So naturally I love this poster by Matt Ferguson which is officially titled Mad Wan With A Box By day you get this stark two color image of the iconic TARDIS which is unmistakeable to any fan. But then by night. Well that's when it gets really cool. Source: Cakes and Comics - Mad Man With A Box