Review: The Expanse S01E05 — Back to the Butcher

If the latest episode of The Expanse doesn't have the level of tension that the previous one did, that does at least give the show a chance to do yet more world building and let its characters breathe a little. One of the biggest problems with this show for people who aren't familiar with the books is the amount of characters and locations and story that are being crammed into a mere 10 episode season. At the very least that can make it hard to keep everything straight. Up to now each episode has been packed with events and characters and stuff.  This week though if you just wrote down what …Read more  »

TV Review: The Expanse S01E01 — Dulcinea

Those of you lamenting the lack of space based science fiction on tv should be very pleased about SyFy's latest series The Expanse which is adapted from a series of books by James S. A. Corey (actually a pen name for Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) because we're firmly in Space Opera territory here. While the story is set within our solar system we're looking at a (partially) terraformed Mars and assorted space stations. The reason you don't see shows like this on TV very much is that even with modern CGI, doing them convincingly is expensive. People have become so used to movie style special effects that they are not at …Read more  »

TV Review: Dominion Season 1 Episode 1

So starting last summer with Defiance, SyFy has been looking to establish some new sci-fi series. Dominion is the latest to make it onto the screen. It is apparently a sequel of sorts to the movie Legion, which I haven't seen. I don't know if watching Legion would have made some of the early sequences make more sense, but I did feel pretty confused for about the first 30 minutes of the 90 minute premiere before things gradually fell into place. Dominion is not what you would call original. There's a lot of familiar material being recycled here. We have an apocalypse (though I guess it being the angels rather …Read more  »

Warehouse 13 S02E05 — 13.1, Review

Warehouse 13 and Eureka are two of the SyFy Channel's hottest shows, so it makes sense to cross them over right? Well it certainly does to the marketing department anyway. But does it make for a good episode? Actually yes it does. Fortunately both Eureka and Warehouse 13 have a lot in common stylistically. While  Eureka is science based and Warehouse 13 has more fantasy elements, the shows feel similar and mesh quite well. The writers also wisely limited the nature of the crossover to one character, Douglas Fargo. Primarily a comedic character, he slipped right in to the series as though he belonged and his interactions with Artie and …Read more  »

Eureka S04E02 — A New World

In the first episode of this new season of Eureka, the writers basically spent the entire time setting up a new reality for our protagonists. At first I wasn't sure if this was going to be a one week thing, but it seems it will at least span the season. And on the strength of A New World, the second episode of the season, that's a good thing. Slamming SyFy seems to be the hot thing in fanboy circles lately and they certainly make themselves an easy target.  But amongst all that ego bolstering  sound and fury it's easy to ignore the fact that they have carved out a little …Read more  »

Stargate: Universe S01E15 — Lost, Review

Last week on Stargate: Universe we were left with an excellent cliffhanger as several key members of the Destiny crew were left stranded on a planet while Destiny took off for parts unknown. It was an ending that took me pleasantly by surprise. This week we pick up right where we left off with the crew of the Destiny trying to figure out a way to rescue their lost away party and our three "heroes" stumbling around underground dodging giant spiders. The spiders are still creepy incidentally. To complicate things on Destiny they seem to be having some power problems. Lost is certainly a solidly scripted episode of Stargate: Universe, …Read more  »

Stargate Universe: Divided — Thoughts

I liked last week's Stargate Universe so I had my fingers crossed that it was a sign of a new direction for the show. Things started promisingly with further mention of the aliens. So at least they don't seem to be a one off monster of the week. The dissension amongst the crew (military and civilian) is much more focussed than it was in the early episodes and since it now makes sense, it adds to the tension. This week the claustrophobic atmosphere and dim lighting don't feel like an annoying affectation. In some ways it's actually a stronger episode. More emphasis on the characters in a way that actually …Read more  »