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Gigantic LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Is Bigger Than You Are

LEGO Star Wars is popular.of course and LEGO does sell an official Super Star Destroyer set.

But that is a paltry thing compared to this beast of a model. The builder Jerac estimates that his LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer weighs around 110lbs, is over 6 and half feet in length and contains over 40,000 bricks. It is huge. And because of that it’s also immensely detailed. In fact the build took Jerac about 6 months.

But the result is phenomenal. Make sure to click through and check out all the detail images.

Source: Flickr – Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera


LEGO Star Destroyer Destroyed By LEGO Kraken!

KR KN%2B LEGO Star Destroyer Destroyed By LEGO Kraken!
So LEGO makes an impressively large model of the Star Destroyer from Star Wars. But like the original, it’s a little on the… dull grey side.

Iain Heath came up with a way to spice things up.

Why not have your LEGO Star Destroyer attacked and torn appart by a giant LEGO space Kraken… or KR-KN since this is Star Wars?

Works for me!