Back To The Blog (And Away From Social Networks)

Recently I've dramatically cut down on the amount of posting that I'm doing to social networks. There are a number of reasons for that but the biggest amongst them is a feeling that it's just not serving my needs very well. In truth I've been cutting down on my social networking for some time. G+ was really the last hold out where I was very active. Facebook, Twitter etc. were just getting reposts. But even that has largely come to a halt. Too Much Perhaps the single biggest problem with social networking these days is that there's just too much. Too many networks. Too much content. Too much time devoted …Read more  »

Social Media’s Game of Thrones Mapped

This great infographic shows how the Game of Thrones is being played out in the social networking world by mapping the various blockades that are going on between companies.Reshared post from +Ber|Art Visual Design Social Media Winter is Coming Are you prepared? #infographic   - from +Berrie Pelser  - #SEO Social Media Winter is Coming Are you prepared? – infographic

Reader is Dead… Not RSS

I'm seeing a surprising amount of confusion between these two things. People saying that Social Networking killed RSS etc. Nope.In fact a significant portion of what you do in your Social Networking is actually running via RSS. Many services rely on it.However the notion of using a feed reader has always been a niche product and what we're seeing is the technology (RSS) being increasingly buried inside something more consumer friendly.It's really never been about RSS dying. It's been about feed readers failing to capture a large audience.

The Problem With Real Time News

Image via WikipediaThis evening I was confronted with a perfect example of what is wrong with real time news. The guilty party was Twitter, frequently touted as a wonderful source of the latest information. The problem is that people are in such a rush to pass on this information, they don't apply any form of critical review. In this case the news was a story that a woman had been awarded huge damages for her plagiarism case against the Terminator and Matrix franchises. Naturally there was a link: One of the scifi news sites picked it up and posted it to Twitter. I'm not going to name them because …Read more  »