A Rose By Any Other Name

Well it's a tea rose to be precise and you can't smell it at all because, you know, it's a photo, but quoting Shakespeare makes me sound clever and stuff. I'm still practicing with my new camera lens. The previous shots were mostly about taking advantage of the low light capability. Here though there was plenty of light and I wanted to work with depth of field. Once you get down to f1.7 it gets really tricky to get the right bits of the image in focus. I actually misjudged this slightly and the stamen are out of focus, but the petals are nice and sharp so I can live with …Read more  »

Review: The Expanse S01E05 — Back to the Butcher

If the latest episode of The Expanse doesn't have the level of tension that the previous one did, that does at least give the show a chance to do yet more world building and let its characters breathe a little. One of the biggest problems with this show for people who aren't familiar with the books is the amount of characters and locations and story that are being crammed into a mere 10 episode season. At the very least that can make it hard to keep everything straight. Up to now each episode has been packed with events and characters and stuff.  This week though if you just wrote down what …Read more  »

Move To The City If You Want To Live

Okay, slight exaggeration. But, running contrary to most people's assumptions, it turns out your chance of death is dramatically higher in rural areas than it is in the city. Yes, as expected the homicide rate is higher in the cities, but that pales in comparison to the 40% higher unintentional injury death that rural areas experience. The single biggest cause? Motor vehicle deaths which are are more than double the rate in the country that they are in cities. Interestingly rural counties with large black populations had significantly lower risk of injury death while those with large Latino populations had significantly higher. Which suggests cultural norms are a major factor. …Read more  »