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Potomac Panorama

Potomac Panorama

On the Mary­land side of the Potomac you can walk from Harpers Ferry all the way up to Shep­herd­stown or further cour­tesy of the C&O Canal. On the West Virginia side things are a little more limited. But you can walk along the river a way. Which is what I did here, walking until I reached an old rubble dam … Read More…
The Potomac From Harpers Ferry

Sunrise On The Potomac

This is another spot that I photo­graph on a regular basis. This is where the Shenan­doah (on the right) and The Potomac (on the left) meet and the Potomac then heads through the Blue Ridge Moun­tains and on towards DC. It's also essen­tially where three states meet with Mary­land on the left across and Virginia on the … Read More…
Thats A Lot of Water

That's A Lot of Water

Last week's rain­storms created flash floods all over the region and that water even­tu­ally poured into both the Potomac and Shenan­doah rivers.And since both those rivers meet at Harpers Ferry, this is what it looked like early Saturday morning.

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On The Hill, Across The River

On The Hill, Across The River

Another photo from my weekly walk around Harpers Ferry. Actu­ally in this case I was on the C&O Canal path across the Potomac from Harpers Ferry when this scene caught my eye. Harpers Ferry really is built straight up the side of a steep hill and here you can see the rows of houses above the rail bridge … Read More…
C&O Canal

Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal

The Chesa­peake and Ohio Canal, usually referred to as the C&O Canal  runs parallel to the Potomac River from Cumber­land, Mary­land to Wash­ington D.C. A length of around 184 miles. It oper­ated for almost 100 years (from 1831 to 1924). It is now main­tained as a National Histor­ical park and makes an excel­lent walking/running/cycling route. This photo was taken … Read More…
Looking Down On Harpers Ferry

Looking Down On Harper's Ferry

Another photo from one of my weekly walks around Harper's Ferry. It' seems there's just no shortage of wonderful views in that town. In this case I'm on the (steep) path up to Jefferson's Rock (yes that Jefferson) looking down on the conflu­ence of the Shenan­doah and Potomac rivers with the ruins of St. John's Episcopal … Read More…