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JuiceDefender — Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Device

I've been using JuiceDe­fender for several months now to help extend the battery life of my Droid Eris. One of the biggest crit­i­cisms of all the Android phones has been the short battery life. Giving the multi-tasking capa­bil­i­ties of the Android OS this isn't really that much of a surprise. But it is a problem. … Continue reading JuiceDe­fender — Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Device

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Achieving Information Unification With Android

Image by Harry Wood via Flick­rFor years I have read article after article on "Getting Things Done" and other produc­tivity and orga­ni­za­tional strate­gies. Without excep­tion I have found them clever but impos­sible to imple­ment in a way that inte­grates with my life. You see I want a system that works for me in my personal … Continue reading Achieving Infor­ma­tion Unifi­ca­tion With Android

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Why the iPhone Is Not The Future of Mobile

I've been thinking a lot about the mobile internet recently. Mainly because I finally caved and bought myself a smart phone. As big a gadget freak as I am, the cost of data plans was off-putting. Now that I have a Droid Eris though I'm loving the expe­ri­ence of having my data avail­able to me wher­ever and when­ever. The Current Face of Mobile — Image via Wikipedia At this point there really can't be a doubt in anyone's mind that mobile is the future of the internet.

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