Doctor Who Review: S09E01 — The Magician’s Apprentice

Don't spend too long thinking about the title, its significance is likely not that great and besides you'll need to concentrate to catch everything that's going on in this episode. Despite being the return of two-parters (something I am terribly happy about)  there is no noticeable slowing of Doctor Who's break-neck pace here. If anything Moffat goes overboard in scattering ideas that could probably have sustained an entire episode in their own right only to sweep them aside and move on. But that's a minor criticism for what is not only a very enjoyable but also dense (in plot and character) episode of Doctor Who. And there's so much to like that …Read more  »

Doctor Who Re-Review: S07E07 — The Bells of Saint John

 When reviewing The Bells of Saint John for the first time my takeaway was that this was a solid but unexceptional episode that used a lot of familiar elements. After a re-watch I think that's still broadly true. It's certainly not the strongest episode of the season and the Spoonheads with their revolving head gimmick are clearly very similar to The Winders in The Beast Below, only not quite as effective. There's not a lot of depth to the story either. It's very much a reintroduction to The Doctor and what he does. Which obviously isn't going to be incredibly appealing to long time fans. But I think we sometimes forget …Read more  »

Doctor Who Re-Review: S07E06 — The Snowmen

Season 7's Christmas special was the official introduction of the new companion Clara as played by Jenna Coleman. Of course she had appeared previously in the show but this is where her story really begins. And her interaction here with Matt Smith's 11th Doctor, just like the previous verbal sparring in Asylum of the Daleks is the high point of the episode. The core of this particular story is the Doctor finding himself again. He's essentially moping after what happened with the Pond's (okay I'm not being very sympathetic... but it's true) and he's largely cut himself off from interaction with the world. Not completely though, which is the first hint …Read more  »

Doctor Who Re-Review: Season 7 Episode 1 — Asylum of The Daleks

When Season 7 of Doctor Who aired, I posted (generally short) reviews of the episodes which made up my initial impressions. Now that the season is available in its entirety on Hulu+ I thought it might be interesting to do a re-watch and see how my opinions have changed or not. I'm also interested to see how well the season progresses thematically and otherwise given the criticism it's received. My original review of Asylum of the Daleks can be found here and I was a bit negative about. And a lot of my issues seemed to be with the pacing. On rewatching most of those pacing issues seem to have …Read more  »

Doctor Who Review — The Day of the Doctor

Writing an anniversary special is something of a poison chalice at the best of times. Writing a 50th Anniversary special for a show that has to appeal to all ages in prime time and has a rabid fan base who have memorised every detail of the shows inconsistent continuity and will pick it to death is and all of those people expect references to their memories of the show…. Well Moffat was the script writer on the day it wasn’t possible to get it right really wasn’t he? No, The Day of the Doctor is not the perfect Doctor Who episode. It can’t be, because it has too many roles …Read more  »

Graphic Novel Review: Judge Dredd: Year One

In some ways the name of this story Year One is misleading. The story is set during Dredd's first year as a Judge, but there's really nothing about it that actually has to be. Yes some of the character reference Dredd's rookie status. But he doesn't act like a rookie. He's Judge Dredd! Writer Matt Smith is the editor of 2000AD so he knows the character well and this certainly feels like Dredd. It just doesn't feel any different to normal. Maybe that's the point? Having got that gripe out of the way though, this is a good Dredd story with a bit of a twist towards the end that …Read more  »

Why Peter Capaldi Was The Perfect Choice For Doctor Who

Let's start with the surface stuff. Age At 55 Capaldi is one of the oldest actors to play the part (up there with Hartnell)  which gives us a great contrast from Matt Smith who was the youngest. And change has always been a good thing for Doctor Who. An older Doctor almost certainly changes the relationships inside the TARDIS and gives us something different. An older Doctor probably gives us a different style of performance. Different pacing. He's still young enough to handle some action scenes though, so it's not like he's going to be hobbling around with a cane. Not a Hearthrob Well that's actually a bit questionable. He …Read more  »

LEGO Compatible 11 Doctor Set

So appropriately enough for the 50th Anniversary year of Doctor Who and for the final year of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor, Character Building have a set of all 11 Doctors in their LEGO compatible mini-fig format. I want these. The set is set for release in the UK on August 23rd 2013 with a 20 UKP price point. No doubt they will show up on Amazon and other US sources shortly afterwards at about triple that...