Loudon Heights Overlook

Here's a different look at Harpers Ferry. This time round I hiked up Loudon Heights rather than Maryland Heights.While the walk up Maryland Heights is pretty much straight up (well round and round up I suppose) Loudon Heights is a bit more spread out. First you go up, then you walk along the spine of the mountain for a way.At the end of the trail you get this view which is definitely worthwhile.Next time I go up there I need to try out my telephoto lens and get some closer shots of Harpers Ferry itself.

Ray of Sunshine

I would love to claim that this was brilliant composition on my part, but in truth it was pure blind luck. The ray of sunshine effect really wasn't that obvious from the viewfinder and I mainly took this shot to compare the how sunny the day was compared with the foggy images I had taken a couple of weeks previously. Well that and I was tired because I had just walked up a mountain and stopping to take a photo is a good excuse for a rest.  

Top Of The World — Zoomed Out

Usually when you're taking landscape photos you want to go as wide as you can and capture everything. Not always though. I thought it might be an interesting comparison to my Top Of The World photo from yesterday to show what the shot looked like before I zoomed my lens in. I don't think this is a bad shot as such. Just a bit non-descript. By zooming in I was able to focus on the strongest visual element in the scene.

Made It, Ma. Top Of The World!

Okay, not actually the top of the world. The headline is a lie! But it did feel like it. I took another walk up to the top of Maryland Heights this morning. And for the first time there wasn't any cloud cover there so I could actually see (well occasionally in-between all the trees at least). This shot is right on top walking along the spine of the mountain and looking east towards the Potomac. I had to zoom in a bit to get the shot I wanted and there was a lot of haze because of the distance. However, a bit of tweaking in Photoshop brought out the details …Read more  »