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Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal

The Chesa­peake and Ohio Canal, usually referred to as the C&O Canal  runs parallel to the Potomac River from Cumber­land, Mary­land to Wash­ington D.C. A length of around 184 miles. It oper­ated for almost 100 years (from 1831 to 1924). It is now main­tained as a National Histor­ical park and makes an excel­lent walking/running/cycling route. This photo was taken … Continue reading Chesa­peake and Ohio (C&O) Canal

BrickFair 2013 — LEGO Doctor Who — Silence Mosaic

There were a few LEGO mosaics at the event but natu­rally this one drew my atten­tion.  I can’t remember why though. The Silence by Pablo Ramirez (18)Mary­landA Lego mosaic of the… the, uh…I forget what I’m looking at… Eoghann Irving Overly opin­ion­ated owner and author of eoghann​.com. You can get updated on his posts directly on the … Continue reading Brick­Fair 2013 — LEGO Doctor Who — Silence Mosaic

Cunningham Falls

Cunningham Falls State Park is a park in Mary­land near Thur­mont (a little to the south of Gettys­burg). It’s a nice park with a lake and very pleasant for a day out and a picnic. It takes it’s name from a 78 foot cascading water­fall (appar­ently the largest cascading water­fall in Mary­land). My photo shows the base of the water­fall Eoghann Irving … Continue reading Cunningham Falls