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Gigantic LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Is Bigger Than You Are

LEGO Star Wars is popular.of course and LEGO does sell an offi­cial Super Star Destroyer set. But that is a paltry thing compared to this beast of a model. The builder Jerac esti­mates that his LEGO Impe­rial Star Destroyer weighs around 110lbs, is over 6 and half feet in length and contains over 40,000 bricks. […]

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Serenity 1

BrickFair 2013 — LEGO Serenity

This minifig scale LEGO model of Serenity from Firefly took 21 months to build. It contains over 70,000 bricks, measures 7 feet 2 inches long and weighs over 135 lbs. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="109945,109946,109948"] Built by Adrian Drake of West­lake, Ohio, the model includes a light up engine and detailed inte­rior. Hope­fully the photos capture at least a little bit of how epic this was in person.

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LEGO Spaceship  - UNEN Von Braun

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="107300,107299"] LEGO builder John Moffat has designed the wonder­fully named space­ship UNEN Von Braun. The Goddard class of destroyer was produced rela­tively late in to the Coali­tion war. Designed as a response to the massive dread­noughts of the Tarsin Impe­rial Navy, these vessels were the first outfitted with the Typhoon nuclear cannon to […]

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