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Gigantic LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Is Bigger Than You Are

LEGO Star Wars is popular.of course and LEGO does sell an official Super Star Destroyer set.

But that is a paltry thing compared to this beast of a model. The builder Jerac estimates that his LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer weighs around 110lbs, is over 6 and half feet in length and contains over 40,000 bricks. It is huge. And because of that it’s also immensely detailed. In fact the build took Jerac about 6 months.

But the result is phenomenal. Make sure to click through and check out all the detail images.

Source: Flickr – Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera

Serenity 1

BrickFair 2013 – LEGO Serenity

This minifig scale LEGO model of Serenity from Firefly took 21 months to build. It contains over 70,000 bricks, measures 7 feet 2 inches long and weighs over 135 lbs.

Built by Adrian Drake of Westlake, Ohio, the model includes a light up engine and detailed interior.

Hopefully the photos capture at least a little bit of how epic this was in person.

LEGO Spaceships – Monochromatic Build

9281275900 9d12fb9f87 c LEGO Spaceships   Monochromatic Build
In photography black and white is often used when you want to emphasise the patterns and structures of an image.

The same effect has been put to great use here by Adam Dodge who has used a light yellow to great effect. The lighter color lets the shading stand out more and lets your eyes focus on the design of the rocket and the landscape.

Also… cool rocket!



LEGO Spaceship  – UNEN Von Braun

LEGO builder John Moffat has designed the wonderfully named spaceship UNEN Von Braun.

The Goddard class of destroyer was produced relatively late in to the Coalition war. Designed as a response to the massive dreadnoughts of the Tarsin Imperial Navy, these vessels were the first outfitted with the Typhoon nuclear cannon to take on their heavily armored opponents.

Which is all pretty cool in its own right. But what put it over the edge was the forced perspective shot of a shuttle going in to dock.