So They’re All Racists Then?

This is one of the key points of contention and misunderstanding that I see from both sides online. The majority of people believe that being called a racist is an extremely negative thing (though there are a small minority who clearly relish it), but these is no clear agreement on what it actually means to be racist. That lies at the heart of a lot of the communication problems when it comes to politics and social issues. On the right there is a feeling that the left just labels everyone as racists and are using it as a blanket insult. On the left there's a feeling that those on the …Read more  »

Review: The Shannara Chronicles S01E01 through S01E04

What do you get when you cross epic-fantasy heavily inspired by Tolkien with a post apocalyptic future and MTV? Apparently the answer is The Shannara Chronicles a series that is, based on the first four episodes, resolutely... okay. I mean it's just exactly what you would expect... I guess? It's not like it's bad... you know? By this point my ambivalence should be shining through and there are a few reasons for that. One is of course the fact that someone in their forties isn't in the prime demographic for MTV dramas. Another is that while I acknowledge their flaws I do have a soft spot for the first three Shannara books …Read more  »

Read All The Words

Or There's More To Communication Than Essays I'm really starting to think that schools have done a major disservice to reading comprehension with their focus on the essay structure. While important it is not the only method of written communication. You know the structure (though perhaps it is called other things).  The notion is that you state your thesis in the first paragraph and you close with the same statement. In between you make your arguments, building up to that conclusion which you stated in the first paragraph. Now, there's a reason why that structure is so heavily used in colleges and other education institutions. The format works perfectly if …Read more  »