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Juice Defender

JuiceDefender – Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Device

I’ve been using JuiceDefender for several months now to help extend the battery life of my Droid Eris. One of the biggest criticisms of all the Android phones has been the short battery life. Giving the multi-tasking capabilities of the Android OS this isn’t really that much of a surprise. But it is a problem.

ss 200 JuiceDefender   Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Device

The most frustrating thing for many Android users is the way their battery drops even when they aren’t using the phone. That’s where JuiceDefender comes in. The developer Latedroid has cleverly tweaked android’s data settings so when you’re not actively using the phone it powers down the wifi, 3G etc. But it if you want to keep getting your updates it has a user configurable schedule to reactivate the data and grab the latest information for you. For those of you with rooted phones Juice Defender can also throttle your CPU up or down.

Exactly how big a gain you get from JuiceDefender depends on how you use your phone. It won’t help your battery life while you’re actively using it, but my personal experience is it has almost doubled the battery life of my phone because there’s a lot of down time when I’m not using it.

qr juicedefender 117 JuiceDefender   Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Device

I’m constantly surprised that more people aren’t aware of JuiceDefender. I’d consider it an essential Android app. If you’d like to try it out, then check out the free version (with limited features) and if you’re as impressed as I am I’m sure you’ll want to purchase the full Ultimate Juice version.

Do you have any battery saving tips for Android?

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 JuiceDefender   Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Device
You Know You Want To Buy An iPad

Why I Won’t Buy An iPad, And You Probably Should

Like everyone else on the internet I’ve been following the development of Apple‘s iPad since long before we knew what it was going to be called. The idea of a notepad sized device with a touch screen that you can carry around with you has obvious appeal. Just watch any science fiction show ever.
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And Apple’s record when it comes to design (both interface and machine) is second to none. So even the most cynical person had to wonder just what they would come up with for the iPad. Of course people had already declared their allegiances long before the iPad was released. Apple fanboys, Apple basher’s, everyone had an opinion, including me.

Now it’s here and by all accounts it mostly lives up to the hype. It does what Apple promised and there are some cool apps already surfacing. In truth though I don’t think we’ve seen what the iPad will really be used for. It will probably take 6 to 12 months for it to find the niches it fits best. I do think, however that Apple has shown the tablet form factor is here to stay.

In fact over time I can see the tablet becoming one of the most common form factors for computers. There are lots of people who don’t need the power that a desktop now commands. And many people primarily use their computers for Twitter or Facebook. For these functions a tablet works well. As it does for books or movies or comics.

So why won’t I be buying one? The same reason I didn’t buy an iPhone or an iPod Touch, or an iMac. I find Apple’s operating systems too claustrophobic. They are impeccably designed and they usually bring new interfaces to computers for which I am very grateful. But using them annoys me intensely.

I started using computers in the 80s when you had to do everything yourself and that’s what I like. I want to be able to over load it and crash it and change everything for no reason other than I want to. That’s the sort of person I am. It’s why I stuck with my Amiga computer as long as I did; it’s why I had an N800 and it’s why I bought an Android phone (well that and the ridiculously low price).

But if someone was to ask me what tablet computer to get, I’d tell them to get an iPad. It’s designed for normal people, not weirdos like me. And that’s a good thing because then I won’t have to spend my every waking minute fixing everybody else’s computers.

Computers should be simple and they should be available in appliance form. Just so long as someone is making the experimental ones I enjoy too.

 Why I Wont Buy An iPad, And You Probably Should