Movie Review — Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This is Star Wars. Forget the prequels, hell forget the Ewoks. This is what got you excited to visit a "Galaxy far, far away" in the first place. The Force Awakens had a lot of goals to accomplish and I think it managed to do all of them (some better than others perhaps). It's not a literary movie, nor a particularly deep one but it is Star Wars. The Force Awakens is not a reboot in the traditional sense, but it does wipe about 80% of the slate clean leaving future movies somewhere interesting to go. The prequels exist but they don't matter and the neat resolution that we were presented with …Read more  »

Book Review — Star Wars: Aftermath

Chuck Wendig's entry into the Star Wars mythos has garnered a lot of attention and a lot of criticism. The first is not surprising given the he is essentially launching the "Journey to The Force Awakens", the second seems disproportionate to any literary or fan crimes committed. Fast Paced Present Tense One of the biggest criticisms comes from the writing style. Wendig has chosen to imitate the feeling of the Star Wars movies by using the present tense and a lot of very short or broken sentences. I think this does in fact capture the pacing of the movies very well. It may however come across as rather jarring to …Read more  »

Book Review: Star Wars — Razor’s Edge

I was really looking forward to Star Wars: Razor's Edge for a couple of reasons. First off it's set between Star Wars (yes I know we're supposed to call it A New Hope but it was Star Wars when I saw it, and it's always going to be Star Wars) and Empire Strikes Back. Secondly it's written by Martha Wells who has written some wonderful original works (my favorite being Wheel of the Infinite). I have to say that this does not live up to her original works, but as a Star Wars novel it's a solid entry into the Expanded Universe and also covering territory that isn't as over-explored …Read more  »

Belle Solo

Yes the Disney/Star Wars mashups keep coming and they're getting more impressive not less. This time it's a combination of Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Han Solo from... yeah Star Wars... you know.

Book Review: Star Wars — Crucible by Troy Denning

This is the latest book in the expansive "Expanded Universe" of Star Wars. That is stuff which is not movie canon but generally stays consistent within it's own existence. The EU has been around for a long time and it's built up a pretty complex continuity at this point which can be a problem. So the core audience for this book is pretty specific. People who not only love the movies, but also have at least somewhat kept up with the expanded universe. And it shows because this book reads like a bridge novel between a bunch of adventures and the next adventure. Which is exactly what it is. Allowing …Read more  »