Doctor Who Re-Review: S07E07 — The Bells of Saint John

 When reviewing The Bells of Saint John for the first time my takeaway was that this was a solid but unexceptional episode that used a lot of familiar elements. After a re-watch I think that's still broadly true. It's certainly not the strongest episode of the season and the Spoonheads with their revolving head gimmick are clearly very similar to The Winders in The Beast Below, only not quite as effective. There's not a lot of depth to the story either. It's very much a reintroduction to The Doctor and what he does. Which obviously isn't going to be incredibly appealing to long time fans. But I think we sometimes forget …Read more  »

Doctor Who Re-Review: S07E06 — The Snowmen

Season 7's Christmas special was the official introduction of the new companion Clara as played by Jenna Coleman. Of course she had appeared previously in the show but this is where her story really begins. And her interaction here with Matt Smith's 11th Doctor, just like the previous verbal sparring in Asylum of the Daleks is the high point of the episode. The core of this particular story is the Doctor finding himself again. He's essentially moping after what happened with the Pond's (okay I'm not being very sympathetic... but it's true) and he's largely cut himself off from interaction with the world. Not completely though, which is the first hint …Read more  »

TV Review: Doctor Who S07E13 — The Name Of The Doctor

So the episode that has been hype for months. Could it possibly live to that? Could it even live up to its name? Yes. I think it could and did. It's not perfect, but I came away overwhelmingly satisfied on multiple levels. And that's all I ever ask from a TV show. In a sense the question in the title was answered, if indirectly. And yes that's technically a co-out, but it's the right one because no direct answer would have been satisfactory. Instead we find that it's not the actual name that matters, just knowing the name. Because it gains entry to the Doctor's tomb on Trenzalore. And cleverly the fall of …Read more  »