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Disney Fan Art — Elsa Drawn On Let It Go Sheet Music

<img class="alignleft size-large wp-image-119741" src="http://www.eoghann.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/elsa__on_let_it_go_sheet_music_by_artiefishel79-d7owgih-733x1024.jpg" alt="elsa__on_let_it_go_sheet_music_by_artiefishel79-d7owgih" width="600" height="838" data-wp-pid="119741" />You might think that people would be starting to run out of ways to riff on Disney's Frozen and the song Let It Go. But, appar­ently, not yet. Andrew Place drew this sketch of Elsa from Frozen using colored pencils  and sharpie directly onto the sheet … Read More…

Disney Fan Art — Hades/Elsa.… Hellsa?

Elsa from Frozen and Hades from Disney's Hercules are both char­ac­ters with blue based color schemes. So what happens if you merge the two? Well… possibly some­thing like this drawing by Atom­ic­circuS. All in all I think it's a pretty effec­tive blending of the two char­ac­ters. I'd say that Elsa was prob­ably domi­nant in terms of the facial features, but the look on her face, the hair and elements of the clothing all come from Hades. Source: DeviantArt.

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Do You Want To Build A LEGO Snowman?

<a href="http://eoghann.com/2014/06/build-lego-snowman/1455835-11497080713_c3223123f1_b" rel="attachment wp-att-119087">So… Frozen. It's a movie. You may have heard of it. Disney… musical? Nothing? Well for the sake of the three people who have managed to completely cultur­ally isolate them­selves let me explain that there's a snowman in it by the name of Olaf. And if you'd like to be able to build that … Read More…

Disney Fan Art — Elsa From Frozen

<img class="size-medium wp-image-115231 align­left" alt="365_large" src="http://eoghann.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/365_large-415x600.jpg" width="415" height="600" /> Frozen is now the number one grossing animated movie beating both The Lion King and Toy Story 3. It's actu­ally now the number 10 highest grossing movie of any sort. And deservedly so because Frozen is awesome. And so is this bit of fan art of Elsa … Read More…