Disney Fan Art — Elsa Drawn On Let It Go Sheet Music

You might think that people would be starting to run out of ways to riff on Disney's Frozen and the song Let It Go. But, apparently, not yet. Andrew Place drew this sketch of Elsa from Frozen using colored pencils  and sharpie directly onto the sheet music for the song Let It Go. Admittedly the result does technically make the sheet music unusable but it's very nice never the less and a cute conceit I think given how closely that song is associated with that character. The man's talents span well beyond Disney fan art mind you and if you enjoy geek culture images, his DeviantArt page is definitely worth …Read more  »

Disney Fan Art — Hades/Elsa.… Hellsa?

Elsa from Frozen and Hades from Disney's Hercules are both characters with blue based color schemes. So what happens if you merge the two? Well... possibly something like this drawing by AtomiccircuS. All in all I think it's a pretty effective blending of the two characters. I'd say that Elsa was probably dominant in terms of the facial features, but the look on her face, the hair and elements of the clothing all come from Hades. Source: DeviantArt.com - Elsa/Hades Crossover

Do You Want To Build A LEGO Snowman?

So... Frozen. It's a movie. You may have heard of it. Disney... musical? Nothing? Well for the sake of the three people who have managed to completely culturally isolate themselves let me explain that there's a snowman in it by the name of Olaf. And if you'd like to be able to build that LEGO snowman... well perhaps you ought to pop on over to LEGO Ideas and support this particular project. Support incidentally doesn't mean put any money down, just "sign" your name to it and answer a couple of questions. I think Joe Meno and Glenbricker have done  great job of capturing Olaf's likeness with this build. And the fact …Read more  »

The Frozen / Thriller Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For!

What do you mean you haven't been waiting for it? Oh quit fussing, at least it's not yet another Let It Go parody! Is it just me or is Disney's Frozen generating mashups and parodies and an exceptionally high rate anyway? This time round we get to see Anna, Elsa and co dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. And really that's all any of us want in life. http://youtu.be/G3bns2s342s

Do You Want To Kill The Batman — Frozen Parody

So most of the song attention for Frozen has (deservedly) gone to Let It Go, but Do You Want To Kill A Snowman is a decent tune in it's own right. And this parody version with Harley Quinn singing to the Joker is a slick parody. It's hard not to like Harley. Admittedly she's a psychotic killer but she's both strangely naive and infectiously enthusiastic at the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEZKeD_-IWY#t=157

Movie Review — Frozen

These days there are essentially two branches of Disney animation. There’s Pixar which has produced a string of computer animated hits starting with Toy Story and then there’s Walt Disney Animation Studios which has a history dating all the way back to Snow White but which has really struggled with the move from traditional cell animation to computer animation. At the core of Walt Disney Animation Studios output is of course the Disney Princess. Not all of their movies are that by any means, but it is their defining work and also highly profitable for Disney as a whole. However, the Disney Princess is a very dated concept that Disney …Read more  »

Disney’s Frozen — Teaser Trailer

[embed]http://youtu.be/-WdC4DaYIeQ[/embed] Not sure quite what to make of this. It's an effective enough comic short featuring a couple of the non-human characters from Frozen.But if this is the tone they're going for I'm a bit disappointed because it will be a  waste of the Snow Queen source material. Still as I understand it, this material was generated specifically for the trailer, it's not part of the movie.