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The Akira Project – Fan Made Live Action Akira Trailer

The Akira Project — Fan Made Live Action Akira Trailer

For almost a decade and a half now there has been talk of a live action Holly­wood adap­ta­tion of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira. A story that can justi­fi­ably be called a classic in two mediums (Manga and Animé). That adap­ta­tion has been awaited with a mixture of antic­i­pa­tion and dread (partic­u­larly with some of the ideas […]

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LEGO Hellboy

Hellboy has a very distinc­tive look and this LEGO bust by The Deathly Halli­well captures it extremely well. Hellboy's red skin means there isn't much to play with when it comes to color pallette. But the shape is so strong here that all that's needed is some acces­sory colors. I think my favorite thing is […]

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Adaptations, Reinterpretations, Reboots And Modifications

I was watching one of the intro­duc­tory lectures for the Comics & Graphics novels course that I'm taking ( https://​class​.coursera​.org/​c​o​m​i​c​s​-​0​0​1​/​c​l​ass ) and there was a very inter­esting discu­sison on the topic of what is the defin­i­tive edition of a comic book. The lecturer made an inter­esting compar­ison with Shakespeare's Hamlet which also appeared in several editions. […]

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