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Doctor Who (series 8) ep 12

Doctor Who Review: S08E12 — Death In Heaven

As I mentioned in my review of Dark Water, Steven Moffat doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to concluding two parters. Indeed if there's one crit­i­cism you can always levy at him it's that he tries to cram too many ideas into his stories. I loved Dark Water which kept the action going from begin­ning to end and set up multiple cliffhangers for the season finale. But would Death In Heaven be able to deliver? Yes and no. There are some really strong elements to Death In Heaven with the inter­ac­tion between Missy and The Doctor being right there at the top of the list. But there's also some clever use of imagery and  a solid reso­lu­tion to the Danny/Clara rela­tion­ship as well. Looking purely at the plot outlines almost every­thing is right.

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Doctor Who (series 8) ep 11

Doctor Who Review: S08E11 — Dark Water

This is what happens when you have 10 episodes to build up an emotional connec­tion with a char­acter. An opening sequence that hits hard and then a story that just keeps kicking you.

For me, Steven Moffat's track record on season closing stories is a bit mixed. So this could still go off the rails. But, judging purely by Dark Water, the first part of this two part finale for Season 8, this could also be the strongest story in what I think has been a great season.

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Doctor Who Review: S08E10 — In The Forest Of The Night

An episode with signif­i­cant struc­tural flaws yet it enter­tained me anyway. Steven Moffat has gone on record that part of his vision for Doctor Who is for the show to be a dark fairy­tale. This approach is certainly not univer­sally popular since it tends to down­play the science elements of the show. How strong those science elements every were is admit­tedly debat­able, but still it's a bit of a hot button with people. I mention this because Season 8, Episode 10 — In The Forest Of The Night just screamed fairy­tale to me.

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Ten Classic Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix

While it's selec­tion of the latest movies is incon­sis­tent at best, if you're a fan of older science fiction and fantasy movies then Netflix can be quite a treat. What follows is a list of 10 movies that Netflix cate­go­rizes as classic scifi. Though their use of the word classic seems… liberal.

Even if you don't have Netflix these are movies that are worth watching should you get the chance. Though in some cases I wouldn't recom­mend actu­ally buying them.

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Doctor Who Review: S08E08 — Mummy On The Orient Express

For the last few years Doctor Who has been fixated on high concept episodes. Big, bold ideas of the sort you could imagine people mashing together and throwing out on twitter. There's not a lot of room for subtlety in these ideas though. In fact subtlety is some­thing we aren't seeing very much of in Doctor Who currently. Even the latest title sequence is an exer­cise in hitting the viewers over the head.

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Doctor Who Review: S08E07 — Kill The Moon

Well that was certainly a wild ride. The episode opens in very familiar terri­tory for this season but we soon find ourselves surrounded by classic horror tropes (flick­ering lights, flash­lights, noises, spider-like crea­tures). Of course over the years Doctor Who has often borrowed the common elements from movies to sculpt its episodes. But Kill The Moon isn't satis­fied with just aping one genre. Instead we rapidly tran­si­tion from horror to epic disaster movies as the whole moon begins to break up around the Doctor and his companions.

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