Sunrise Safari At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

So my personal highlight from this year's Disney trip was the Sunrise Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom. This is (or was) an extended version of the regular Kilimanjaro Safari ride plus a buffet breakfast available for a modest, by Disney standards, price to DVC members staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Sadly this has been discontinued (perhaps due to ongoing expansion work at Animal Kingdom or in connection with the planned expansion of regular Safari hours) though our guide said that a replacement was being planned which would focus on the animals in the Savannah's at the Lodge itself. That being the case I'm really glad I got a chance …Read more  »

Why Disney’s Animal Kingdom Is More Than A Half Day Park

Over at TouringPlans they've posted a great article that gives six reasons why Disney's Animal Kingdom is not just a half day park. I've heard a lot of people online make the half-day park claim and several people in my own family aren't inclined to give it more time than that either. But I really think they are missing out. It's true that if the only thing you care about is rides, then you're not going to occupy even half a day. But opening your eyes to all the things going on around you reveals so much to do. It is one of, if not the most immersive theme park …Read more  »

Things You Didn’t Notice When You Visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom

[embed][/embed] The amount of detail and small touches revealed in this video is amazing. I've been to the Animal Kingdom twice and it's actually probably my favorite park, but I hadn't noticed most of these theming details. Of course Disney is highly praised for it's theming in general, but at least in the case of this park, I think people are missing a lot.