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Why Disney's Animal Kingdom Is More Than A Half Day Park

Over at Tour­ing­Plans they've posted a great article that gives six reasons why Disney's Animal Kingdom is not just a half day park. I've heard a lot of people online make the half-day park claim and several people in my own family aren't inclined to give it more time than that either. But I really […]

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Things You Didn’t Notice When You Visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Things You Didn't Notice When You Visited Disney's Animal Kingdom

[embed]http://youtu.be/8MGlBhRFsFg[/embed] The amount of detail and small touches revealed in this video is amazing. I've been to the Animal Kingdom twice and it's actu­ally prob­ably my favorite park, but I hadn't noticed most of these theming details. Of course Disney is highly praised for it's theming in general, but at least in the case of […]

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