Disney Tattoo

Another practice shot with my new 25mm micro four thirds prime lens. This time of one of my wife's Disney tattoos. The f1.7 of the lens is a great thing for taking shots indoors, but that narrow depth of field is challenging. It's very easy to have the wrong thing in focus. But when you've got a narrow target like this it's great. I did do a little post processing to boost the vibrance and focus your eye on the tattoo, but not much. For those who worry about such things this was shot at f1.7, ISO 400, 1/60 speed

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Disney does superheroes, sort of. That's basically what Big Hero 6 is, but it's worth taking a moment to clarify what it isn't. It is not a Marvel animated movie, nor is it a Pixar movie. Approaching it expecting either of those things will likely end in disappointment. Generally Big Hero 6 follows a traditional Disney story arc. It executes it well and uses the trappings of superhero stories effectively but you can see its origins in The Lion King and other Disney classics. What's It All About? Hiro Hamada is a super smart kid with a talent for electronics who lacks direction. Inspired by his big brother he invents …Read more  »

Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday

Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm comic book fans have been waiting for Star Wars to return to home.  The very first licensed Star Wars comics were produced by Marvel so there is a nice symmetry to this, though we shouldn't dismiss the fine work done by Dark Horse with the franchise over the years. So how does the new Star Wars #1 stack up against previous comics? Is this a must buy, or just another cheap cash in? A-List Creators Say This Book Matters Just based on the talent that Marvel is throwing at the book, I'd say they aren't just cashing in. Jason Aaron may not be a household …Read more  »

Minion Captain Jack Sparrow Artwork

I love a good mashup and this is a good mashup. What do you get when you cross Despicable Me with the Pirates of the Caribbean? Well naturally you get a Captain Jack Sparrow. This rather excellent drawing was done by AtomiccircuS using markers and color pencils. I think he's done a great job of capturing the look of Captain Jack while still making this a suitably miniony minion. Source: DeviantArt - Minion Captain Jack Sparrow

Disney Fan Art — Elsa Drawn On Let It Go Sheet Music

You might think that people would be starting to run out of ways to riff on Disney's Frozen and the song Let It Go. But, apparently, not yet. Andrew Place drew this sketch of Elsa from Frozen using colored pencils  and sharpie directly onto the sheet music for the song Let It Go. Admittedly the result does technically make the sheet music unusable but it's very nice never the less and a cute conceit I think given how closely that song is associated with that character. The man's talents span well beyond Disney fan art mind you and if you enjoy geek culture images, his DeviantArt page is definitely worth …Read more  »

The Little Mermaid Hand Carved Crystal Vase

Viczan is a professional glass engraver who does work for Disney Resorts. This hand carved and engraved crystal vase featuring The Little Mermaid is (he says) one of his best pieces. It's certainly quite stunning. The work was done during his time at the Tokyo Disney Resort but it sounds as though he is moving/has moved to Hong Kong Disneyland Source: DeviantArt - The Little Mermaid

LEGO Disney — Maleficent Bust

Hmm, that title could be easily misread... But really this is a magnificent LEGO bust of Maleficent. Specifically as portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the recent move Maleficent As the builder DAMBAEK C notes, it's challenging to define things like cheekbones out of LEGO. But he's managed it and the result is instantly recognizeable and unmistakably Maleficent Source: MOCPages - Maleficent (bust)

Doctor Who… The Disney Movie

Artist Stephen Byrne has produced this poster of how he imagines a Disney version of Doctor Who might go. In this scenario all 13 incarnations of the Doctor are present at one time and it's interesting to see how he has reinterpreted each version in a Disney style. Not only does his artwork look good... I would probably watch that movie. Is it just me though or does Patrick Troughton look like one of the Three Stooges here? Source: Facebook - Artwork of Stephen Byrne

Disney Fan Art — Hook, The World’s Most Famous Crook

Time for another great bit of Disney fan art. This time round it's Captain Hook who's getting the treatment. To be honest I've never really looked on him as a crook precisely, though he is clearly a villain. But that's just me and its beside the point. This artwork by ReddyArts gives us Captain Hook in a real swashbuckling pose and with a downright evil look on his face. Source: Deviantart - The World's Most Famous Crook

Disney Fan Art — Maleficent

So with Disney's Maleficent being released recently there's been a bit of a boost in artwork featuring the character. This piece by magion02 stood out for me. It's not the animated version of Maleficent or the Angelina Jolie version but rather an individual interpretation but still featuring the key elements that people recognize. The choice to have Maleficient staring out the image directly at the viewer makes it quite attention grabbing. Source: Deviantart - Maleficent by magion02