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Minion Captain Jack

Minion Captain Jack Sparrow Artwork

I love a good mashup and this is a good mashup. What do you get when you cross Despi­cable Me with the Pirates of the Caribbean? Well natu­rally you get a Captain Jack Sparrow. This rather excel­lent drawing was done by Atom­ic­circuS using markers and color pencils. I think he's done a great job of capturing the look of Captain Jack while still making this a suit­ably miniony minion. Source: DeviantArt — Minion Captain Jack Sparrow

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Disney Fan Art — Elsa Drawn On Let It Go Sheet Music

You might think that people would be starting to run out of ways to riff on Disney's Frozen and the song Let It Go. But, appar­ently, not yet. Andrew Place drew this sketch of Elsa from Frozen using colored pencils  and sharpie directly onto the sheet music for the song Let It Go. Admit­tedly the result does tech­ni­cally make the sheet music unus­able but it's very nice never the less and a cute conceit I think given how closely that song is asso­ci­ated with that char­acter. The man's talents span well beyond Disney fan art mind you and if you enjoy geek culture images, his DeviantArt page is defi­nitely worth a visit. Source: DeviantArt — Elsa on LET IT GO sheet music

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LEGO Disney — Maleficent Bust

Hmm, that title could be easily misread… But really this is a magnif­i­cent LEGO bust of Malef­i­cent. Specif­i­cally as portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the recent move Malef­i­cent As the builder DAMBAEK C notes, it's chal­lenging to define things like cheek­bones out of LEGO. But he's managed it and the result is instantly recog­nize­able and unmis­tak­ably Malef­i­cent Source: MOCPages — Malef­i­cent (bust)

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Disney Fan Art — Maleficent

So with Disney's Malef­i­cent being released recently there's been a bit of a boost in artwork featuring the char­acter. This piece by magion02 stood out for me. It's not the animated version of Malef­i­cent or the Angelina Jolie version but rather an indi­vidual inter­pre­ta­tion but still featuring the key elements that people recog­nize. The choice […]

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