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Alternate Smaug Designs From WETA

So, as is common in the movie industry, WETA consid­ered a variety of different designs for Smaug before settling on what we got to see in The Hobbit movies. And designer Andrew Baker has posted a big batch of those designs on his blog under the heading Smaug Fails. Looking at what he has posted, … Continue reading Alter­nate Smaug Designs From WETA

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Would Condoms Be More Popular With Pop Culture Wrappings?

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="108701,108702,108703,108705"] You know designer Benedetto Papi may be onto some­thing here with this concept he's come up with for condoms with pop culture refer­ences on their wrap­pers. http://​www​.behance​.net/​g​a​l​l​e​r​y​/​C​u​l​t​-​L​o​v​e​r​s​/​9​4​0​3​421

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