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Photos From The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train In The Magic Kingdom

So the final element in Disney's New Fanta­sy­land expan­sion for The Magic Kingdom is finally open and now everyone (or at least everyone with $100 for a park ticket) can try out the new family coaster/dark ride The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It's been pretty exten­sively covered every­where so I'm sure you've seen the promotional […]

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Looking At The Design And Technology Of The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

So today is the day that The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train offi­cially opens in the Magic Kingdom. A cause for great excite­ment amongst Disney Theme Park fans and marking the final comple­tion of the New Fanta­sy­land project after approx­i­mately 1 billion years (it's possible I'm exag­ger­ating slightly). All of which is pretty cool in itself. […]

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – A First Look At Some Of The Animatronics

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train — A First Look At Some Of The Animatronics

It shouldn't be much longer now until the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney Wold opens and completes the New Fanta­sy­land expan­sion. They haven't offi­cially announced a date, but some time in May is what everyone seems to be expecting. We've see plenty of shots of the outside and some […]

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