Doctor Who S09E11 — Heaven Sent

Well if this isn't just the most Moffaty of Steven Moffat episodes. In many ways it epitomizes what Steven Moffat brings to Doctor Who, both the good and the bad. Heaven Sent is the much heralded Doctor on his own episode with a promised huge cliffhanger. And, based on the online commentary at least, it has proved to be very popular episode. Which surprises me because as I said it's a very Moffat episode and not just the stuff everyone likes but the things people have been complaining about for several seasons now. Plus the cliffhanger really isn't anything to write home about. Peter Capaldi If you're compiling a list of …Read more  »

Doctor Who Review: S09E02 — The Witch’s Familiar

Episode 2 is even better than episode 1 (which I enjoyed a lot). I'm pretty sure a lot of the people who haven't liked the direction Who has gone in for the last few seasons still won't like it though. The show isn't offering methodical, fill in all the gaps type of stories. It takes jumps and expects you to accept it (like the cuppa). Nor is it offering up sciencey science fiction. In all honesty it rarely did, but it has fully embraced bombastic movie blockbuster fantasy in stylings in recent years. The Titles, They Mean Something So last week Clara was the Magician's Apprentice and this week she …Read more  »

Doctor Who Review: S09E01 — The Magician’s Apprentice

Don't spend too long thinking about the title, its significance is likely not that great and besides you'll need to concentrate to catch everything that's going on in this episode. Despite being the return of two-parters (something I am terribly happy about)  there is no noticeable slowing of Doctor Who's break-neck pace here. If anything Moffat goes overboard in scattering ideas that could probably have sustained an entire episode in their own right only to sweep them aside and move on. But that's a minor criticism for what is not only a very enjoyable but also dense (in plot and character) episode of Doctor Who. And there's so much to like that …Read more  »

Doctor Who Review: S08E02 Into The Dalek

I was really looking forward to this episode. We’re now free of the encumbrance of regeneration and able to see the 12th Doctor in his own environment. Plus a return of the Daleks. Granted Dalek stories have always been hit and miss affairs, but when they work they can be really good. The episode opened strong with CGI that seemed noticeably better than the giant dinosaur from last week and I loved Peter Capaldi’s delivery of the Doctor’s lines as he insisted on a “please” from the person he rescued. Its that sort of detail that makes this Doctor feel different to what we’ve seen for years now. And that …Read more  »

Doctor Who Silicone Ice/Chocolate Mold Gives You Your Own Dalek Army To Eat!

This Doctor Who themed Silicon Ice Tray and Chocolate mold lets you create your own army of Daleks or populate your table with a thousand (if you're very, very, very, very, very patient) TARDISes. Plus if you use it as an ice mold the TARDIS has a realistic dematerialzation effect! Okay, I may have made that bit up and since this only makes 6 ice cubes I guess its usefulness is somewhat limited. But you know you want and army of ice daleks! Plus... chocolate! Source: - Doctor Who Silicon Ice Tray and Chocolate Mold

LEGO Doctor Who — TARDIS Bookends

There's been a fair amount of excitement recently over hints that LEGO may be able to pursue a license for Doctor Who sets. Which is kind of cool, although I rather like the existing non-LEGO brand sets personally. There's even a CUUSOO project that just hit the review target. I'll be honest though... I wasn't actually that impressed by it. This on the other hand is great. First off it's actually book ends so you can display it together or apart. Secondly the Doctor is immediately recognisable and not just because I know the colors of the sonic screwdrivers (yes I'm that sort of fan). Done in classic mini-land style …Read more  »

LEGO Doctor Who: Dalek

Yes that is a life size LEGO Black Dalek. I feel like Elephant-Knight should just do a mic drop at this point. http:[email protected]/9878679636/

Stone Dalek

This Dalek toy has been sitting outside on a mountain top (specifically Cairn of Claise in the Cairngorms Mountain Range in Scotland) for so long it seems to have developed a skin of stone. Not a particularly significant mountain in it's own right Cairn of Claise is never the less one of the Munros (one of the 282 mountains in Scotland with a height of over 3,000 feet) and as such heavily frequented by hikers. And apparently it's considered important enough to have its own Dalek guard.[email protected]/