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Doctor Who Silicone Ice/Chocolate Mold Gives You Your Own Dalek Army To Eat!

This Doctor Who themed Silicon Ice Tray and Choco­late mold lets you create your own army of Daleks or popu­late your table with a thou­sand (if you're very, very, very, very, very patient) TARDISes. Plus if you use it as an ice mold the TARDIS has a real­istic dema­te­ri­alza­tion effect! Okay, I may have made […]

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Dalek Potato Head With Exterminate You

Who doesn't love Mr. Potato Head and there have been a lot of special licensed versions of the toys, including the Eleventh Doctor Potato Head ( http://​amzn​.to/​1​c​y​I​snh ). But why stop there? Why not turn the Potato into a Gold Dalek so that Doctor Potato Head has his ulti­mate foe to face? Amazon​.com: http://​amzn​.to/​1​d​I​x​I2K

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Doctor Who Birthday Cake

This wonderful Doctor Who themed birthday cake made by The Regali Kitchen features The TARDIS, 11th Doctor, Rory (as centu­rion) and Amy surrounded by Weeping Angels, Cybermen and Daleks. Doctor Who themed birthday cakes are cool now. https://​www​.face​book​.com/​R​e​g​a​l​i​K​i​t​c​hen

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stone dalek

Stone Dalek

This Dalek toy has been sitting outside on a moun­tain top (specif­i­cally Cairn of Claise in the Cairn­gorms Moun­tain Range in Scot­land) for so long it seems to have devel­oped a skin of stone. Not a partic­u­larly signif­i­cant moun­tain in it's own right Cairn of Claise is never the less one of the Munros (one […]

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