The History Of Science Fiction Special — Traveller

Traveller wasn't the first roleplaying game or even the first science fiction roleplaying game (that prize goes to either Empire of the Petal Throne (1975) if you count science fantasy or Metamorphosis Alpha (1976) both of which were published by TSR) but it does count as the first space opera roleplaying game, it's also the longest lived SF RPG and the most influential both on RPGs and on gaming in general. All of which makes it deserving of a History of Science Fiction special I think. Traveller was designed by Mark Miller and published by Games Designers Workshop in 1977.  The setting and style of the game was influenced by …Read more  »

Celebrating BASIC’s 50th Anniversary

Over at Technologizer, Harry McCracken has written a great piece about the creation and evolution of the programming language BASIC. For people like me who were introduced to computers back in the early 80s this is a wonderful trip down memory lane. Admittedly over the years I went on to learn much more sophisticated languages and programming techniques that BASIC would never support, but still my interest in computers and programming really wouldn't exist at all without BASIC. Like McCracken I also think the lack of a simple language like BASIC front and center on modern computers is bad thing. Source: Technologizer