Daredevil Season 2

The second season of Marvel's Daredevil is not as strong as the first, but calling it a sophomore slump would not only be cliched, but overstating things. Much of what made the first season of the show enjoyable remains but there are some pacing and focus issues that mark things down a notch. The first four episodes of the season form what I have internally referred to as the first Punisher arc. While what happens here is built on later they do feel like a complete story that could have been told on its own. It's bleak and slow moving (particularly in the first episode) but narratively coherent. The Punisher …Read more  »

TV Review: Marvel’s Jessica Jones S01E01 — S01E03

While DC comics basically owns network tv adaptations of comic book characters, Marvel Comics has been setting out to do something radically different with its Netflix series. Daredevil set a very high bar giving is a dark exploration of  a street level vigilante. Marvel's Jessica Jones  is even darker and quite possibly better. I say that having only watched the first three episodes of the series so far, but the quality is immediately apparent. While Daredevil showed us the blood and violence that the inhabitants of Hells Kitchen were exposed to Jessica Jones is a much more personal exploration. The violence here is as much emotional as it is physical. Strong Female Character If ever …Read more  »

DC Comics Fan Art — Supergirl

With a Supergirl tv series on air and doing rather well in the ratings so far I thought it would be nice to post some DC Comics Supergirl fan art. Turns out finding good Supergirl fan art is actually quite a challenge. This one, which is directly inspired by the new show, does a good job of capturing both the actress and character I think. There's a certain impishness shining through. Source: DeviantArt - Supergirl! by JGiampietro    

TV Review: Marvel’s Daredevil S01E05 — S01E08

So in my initial review of Marvel's Daredevil (because all Marvel tv shows apparently must be called Marvel's xxx) I think I made it pretty clear that I was really enjoying the show. If you're looking for a synopsis of this review it would be: Still enjoying it! But the show is evolving and I think I have some additional thoughts to offer on it, so this won't simply be a recap of the episode nor a repeat of my last review. What Happened to the Lawyering? In the first couple of episodes Daredevil leant on some familiar tropes to establish the setting and the type of show it was …Read more  »

TV Review: Daredevil S01E01 through S01E04

My plan was to watch and review the first three episodes of Netflix' new original show, and the first fruits of their partnership with Marvel,  Daredevil.  When I finished the third episode though I immediately started watching the fourth and that should tell you how much I'm enjoying the series. The show is very good but it isn't perfect. However, Netflix and Marvel are doing so much right here that most of my criticisms feel like nitpicks. Daredevil isn't nearly as well known to the general public as many other superheroes and what they do know about him is "that terrible movie with Ben Affleck" so Marvel and Netflix faced a …Read more  »

Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Well this was just plain fun. I had a smile on my face through almost the entire movie. And if you want a TLDR for this review, then fun pretty much sums it all up. Certainly this isn't an intellectually challenging movie but I think I can safely say that you'll enjoy every moment of it. When Marvel Studios announced they were making a Guardians of the Galaxy movie there was a lot of doubt online (where everyone thinks they are an expert) about the viability of taking a bunch of characters that probably wouldn't even be described as D-list and making a movie based on them. Shows what the …Read more  »

12 Characters Marvel Should Put In Their Movies

Marvel entertainment have announced the third phase of their epic and impressive movie plans.  And if you thought Guardians of the Galaxy was a risky move they've shown they have no such worries with movies based on Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel all in the lineup. So with Marvel clearly happy to mine even C or D list characters at this point I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the ten characters I would really like to see in Marvel's movies. Since I'm a major comic book fan... I ended up with 12. Of course the licensing rights to Marvels characters are a bit …Read more  »

Marvel Fan Art — Hulk vs. Thing

Perhaps one of the longest running rivalries in Marvel Comics... in superhero comics as a whole, is The Incredible Hulk vs. The Thing. Going all the way back to Fantastic Four #12 and perhaps more significantly their full on battle in Fantastic Four #25. Hulk is clearly the stronger of the two (by a log way) although Thing has never quite been prepared to admit that fact. This artwork by uncannyknack shows the two titans going one on one right in the middle of a city and while they're both in good shape, everything else is collapsing around them. Remarkably this powerful art is billed as a work in progress. Source: …Read more  »

LEGO Superheroes — Green Arrow

Obviously LEGO have been selling a variety of superhero sets for some time now under license from both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. But this build by Nicolas Picot is something very different and oh so impressive. For a start it's about 20 inches in height and if that's not enough there are 44 points of articulation which is more than many action figures have. Yes, this is a posable LEGO figure of Green Arrow. And from the lack of hood and yellow fuzz on the chin I'd guess this is the comic book version rather than the WB's Arrow (though I like that version just fine too). Nicolas Picot …Read more  »

Marvel Fan Art — Captain America: Buy War Bonds

Another thematically appropriate post from me today. This fan art of Captain America by jiuge was done a couple of years ago but it's new to me. The good Captain is an obvious subject for a July 4th piece and this one certainly amps up the patriotic symbolism with the flag and eagle in the background too. It's well composed, but above all it's really well textured, from the material that Cap is wearing to the metallic sheen of his indestructible shield. Throwing in the "Buy War Bonds" text at the top fits in with Captain America's war time origins too. Source: Deviantart - Captain America Happy July 4th