So They’re All Racists Then?

This is one of the key points of contention and misunderstanding that I see from both sides online. The majority of people believe that being called a racist is an extremely negative thing (though there are a small minority who clearly relish it), but these is no clear agreement on what it actually means to be racist. That lies at the heart of a lot of the communication problems when it comes to politics and social issues. On the right there is a feeling that the left just labels everyone as racists and are using it as a blanket insult. On the left there's a feeling that those on the …Read more  »

The How/Why/What of Trump’s Victory

My mind has been chewing away at this since Tuesday night. It was obviously to me relatively early in the night that the predictions were wrong and Trump was going to win. The question is why.   There have been a lot of articles (and many more to come) trying to answer this question and they're all wrong. Even the ones that are right are also wrong.   Because there isn't a single reason. The human brain likes simple answers, but that's not how the world works. Instead it is a confluence of people and events all meshing together. You can point to the FBI investigation, or economic worries or …Read more  »

Depression — A Personal Experience

As I've been writing my series on how to achieve positive change, a number of topics have kept cropping up as obstacles. One of them is depression. Obviously we're not just talking "got the blues" depression, but real energy sapping clinical depression. The type that pretty much sucks away your life. And that's what this post is going to be all about. It's Always Been There I was first diagnosed with depression when I was in my early twenties. But that didn't happen until I had an episode so bad it screwed up my life enough that I quit my job. Well... I just stopped going actually. Looking back it's …Read more  »

When Your Brain Just Won’t Stop

When I was younger I used to lay in bed at night thinking. My mind would move from one topic to the next for what seemed like hours. Sometimes it was planning out things to do the next day. Sometimes I was worrying about the things I'd said or done the day before. I'd write stories in my head or I'd replay events figuring out how I could have handled it better. My brain just didn't want to turn off. I think most people have this happen at least occasionally, but it was a regular thing for me that continued through my twenties. In fact it really didn't stop for …Read more  »