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Foggy Shenandoah

The Appalachian trail runs through Harpers Ferry and crosses the Shenan­doah  River via a pedes­trian section of the road bridge.It's not a partic­u­larly pleasant walk what with the cars and trucks speeding by. But they have put up a barrier in between so you don't feel like you're about to be crushed the whole time.All of … Continue reading Foggy Shenan­doah

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Sunrise On The Potomac

This is another spot that I photo­graph on a regular basis. This is where the Shenan­doah (on the right) and The Potomac (on the left) meet and the Potomac then heads through the Blue Ridge Moun­tains and on towards DC. It's also essen­tially where three states meet with Mary­land on the left across and Virginia … Continue reading Sunrise On The Potomac

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Islands Without Mist

So a couple of weeks ago I posted a photo I'd taken called Islands In The Fog. It was a heavily styl­ized image, but the result was quite satis­fying to me. And appar­ently to others because it even briefly made it onto Flickr's Explore. Which was kind of cool. I thought it might be inter­esting … Continue reading Islands Without Mist

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