12 Characters Marvel Should Put In Their Movies

Marvel entertainment have announced the third phase of their epic and impressive movie plans.  And if you thought Guardians of the Galaxy was a risky move they've shown they have no such worries with movies based on Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel all in the lineup. So with Marvel clearly happy to mine even C or D list characters at this point I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the ten characters I would really like to see in Marvel's movies. Since I'm a major comic book fan... I ended up with 12. Of course the licensing rights to Marvels characters are a bit …Read more  »

The Avengers — The Invasion Of The Lava Men

This is a pen and ink of the cover for Avengers Classic #5 by Art Adams. Which was itself a reprint of the original Avengers Vol 1 #5 which featured the original Avengers lineup going up against Molto, Supreme Warrior of the Lava Men. Not perhaps one of their stronger outings. It's probably unfair to directly compare the two given the difference in publishing practices and art styles in the intervening forty years, but I know which I prefer. Source: ComicArtFans - Avengers Classic #5 

LEGO Micro Avengers Assemble!

I've probably said this a few times before but that doesn't make it less true, micro-scale builds are extremely challenging because you have to distill everything down to its most basic essence. There's no room for extra details. And that's exactly what M<0><0>DSWIM ! has done here with his micro-scale Avengers. Each of the figures is instantly recognisable despite being built out of only 20 or so small LEGO pieces (okay Hulk gets more, but he's Hulk.) There are no facial features and no logos but you still know who everyone is. Source: MOCPages - Avengers Assemble!

LEGO Avengers — The SHIELD Hellicarrier

The biggest limitation for most people when it comes to building in LEGO is not having the right parts, or not enough of the right parts. Particularly when it comes to the giant thousands of brick designs that people sometimes come up with. Fortunately LEGO has a solution for that. It's called LEGO Digital Designer and it allows you to model your creation on your computer. It will even give you a list of required bricks and build instructions. All of which is a long way of pointing out that while the designer of this amazing Avengers Hellicarrier LEGO model Yo-Sub Joo has not physically built the model, it is …Read more  »

The Baby Faced Avengers.

Artist Ben Oliver has produced these fun caricatures of the Avengers characters with baby faces. I've seen quite a few kiddie Avenger cartoons before, but what sets this one apart is the more realistic style of the baby faces and proportions. And yet there's still enough of the adult  version in each character to make them unmistakable. Depending on your tastes you may find this creepy or funny. Source: BenOlvierArt

Avengers: Age of Ultron Set Photo Gives Us First Look At Ultron

I wasn't expecting the quilted jacket look... I'm joking of course. The problem with set photos is that you're not seeing the finished product and you're not getting the context. It's a safe bet that elements of Ultron are CGI'd and it's like that this was not intended to be a full body shot. Still just looking at the head and upper torso I like the design they've gone with here. For comparison purposes I've included a fairly traditional image of Ultron for the comics. As you can see they've stayed broadly faithful to the design without feeling obliged to slavishly copy it. Which works for me. Now just picture …Read more  »

Meet the Cephalopod Avengers

And there came a day unlike any other, when earth's mightiest octopi were united against a common threat! On that day the Avengers were born! -- To fight the foes no single cephalopod mollusc could withstand! It's an origin story we're all so familiar with. Meet Tony Starktopus, Loktopus, Thorctopus, Captain America (who doesn't get a cool cephalopod name for some reason), the Cephalopod Avengers as created by Darcy and available for you to purchase on Etsy. Though some are currently out of stock. Also... where's Hulktopus? Source: Etsy   [gallery type="rectangular" ids="113759,113757,113758,113760"]

Marvel Cosplay — The Avengers  Swimsuit Edition!

How about this for an impressive collection of Avengers themed swimsuits. We have a very traditional looking Thor (short cloak makes sense if you want to actually swim in this). Captain America has a very 40's feel to the whole costume. Iron Man has all that intricate detail and of course Black Widow has the sexy hourglass shaping. All the costumes were designed and hand made by Olivia Mears who apparently has some ideas for a Loki one and also some other geek inspired swimsuits. http://avantgeek.deviantart.com/art/Marvel-Avengers-Swimsuits-318614474