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The Avengers — The Invasion Of The Lava Men

This is a pen and ink of the cover for Avengers Classic #5 by Art Adams. Which was itself a reprint of the orig­inal Avengers Vol 1 #5 which featured the orig­inal Avengers lineup going up against Molto, Supreme Warrior of the Lava Men. Not perhaps one of their stronger outings. It's prob­ably unfair to directly compare the … Read More…

LEGO Micro Avengers Assemble!

I've prob­ably said this a few times before but that doesn't make it less true, micro-scale builds are extremely chal­lenging because you have to distill every­thing down to its most basic essence. There's no room for extra details. And that's exactly what M<0><0>DSWIM ! has done here with his micro-scale Avengers. Each of the figures is … Read More…

LEGO Avengers — The SHIELD Hellicarrier

The biggest limi­ta­tion for most people when it comes to building in LEGO is not having the right parts, or not enough of the right parts. Partic­u­larly when it comes to the giant thou­sands of brick designs that people some­times come up with. Fortu­nately LEGO has a solu­tion for that. It's called LEGO Digital Designer and it … Read More…

The Baby Faced Avengers.

Artist Ben Oliver has produced these fun cari­ca­tures of the Avengers char­ac­ters with baby faces. I've seen quite a few kiddie Avenger cartoons before, but what sets this one apart is the more real­istic style of the baby faces and propor­tions. And yet there's still enough of the adult  version in each char­acter to make them unmistakable. … Read More…

Marvel Comics Cosplay — Ant-Man

Now here's some cosplay you don't see very often. It's the classic version of Avengers orig­inal Ant-Man. A char­acter who has been rebooted endlessly, but nothing really seems to stick. The orig­inal costume is a little dorky sure, but here Donovan Jones pulls it off remark­ably well. Source: BestOfCosplay

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