TV Review: Person of Interest Season 2

The first couple of episodes of this season of course set about resolving the cliffhanger from the previous season and also (although the viewer wouldn't know it at the time) setting up elements that would run through this season. There are formulas to these sorts of shows. One of them is the slow build over the course of the season (with perhaps a mini-cliffhanger at the half-way point). So what happens (and it's far from unique to this show) is after the cliffhanger resolution there's a sort of slump into routine. Watched weekly I don't think it's that noticeable but watching two season almost back to back the pacing stands …Read more  »

Book Review: Post-Human by David Simpson

Note I posted a while ago that I had some suspicions about this book. I was right. It's not the worst book I ever read, but it's only getting  5 star reviews by offering a free book in return for them. I dislike that a lot. Putting aside the blatant bribery to get 5 star reviews on Amazon (more on that later), Post-Human is a potentially interesting story spoiled by clumsy execution. The characters while paper thin are appealing enough and the situation moves so rapidly that someone is always in danger which keeps your attention on the story. The problem is when you step back a bit and look …Read more  »

Book Review: Levianthan Wakes by James S. A. Corey

I read this as part of the Sword and Laser book club. Until it was announced as the month's book I hadn't heard of it, so I really had no particular expectations going in. I was pleasantly surprised. This is a fast moving book where humanity has managed to colonize parts of the solar system. But they're still very much tethered to Earth. Technology and science are background elements for this book. They serve the plot, not the other way round. We are presented with two viewpoint characters: Jim Holden, the rather naive and reckless XO of an ice mining ship and Detective Miller a policeman on a space station …Read more  »