TableTop Season 3 Crowd Funding Campaign

TableTop Season 3 Crowd Funding Campaign

TableTop is the only show I watch on the Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel. At this point I could, and almost did, go into a rant on where I think Geek & Sundry has gone in completely the wrong direc­tion. Or perhaps I’m just the wrong sort of geek. But that’s all beside the point and fodder for an entirely different post.

What matters in this case is that Wil Wheaton is attempting to crowd fund a third season of TableTop. It turns out that producing 15 – 20 episodes of profes­sional quality tele­vi­sion is expen­sive. Who knew?

There are perks, but really the primary perk would be… more episodes of TableTop.

Perhaps most inter­esting to me is that if they double their initial goal of $500,000 (that is if they hit $1,000,000 raised)  then they will finally do the RPG version of the show… which I have always wanted to see. As of writing this they were already heading for 15% of their goal on the first day so that’s encour­aging. Here’s the video with all the details.

If you want to read more about it, or contribute then just pop on over to ILoveTableTop​.com


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